Telxon Certified-Refurbished Symbol Barcode Scanner

Telxon Symbol Barcode Scanner Repair and Refurbishing

DBK's Telxon service center repairs and refurbishes most Symbol barcode scanners and also provides Symbol Depot repairs. We are prepared to fix your Telxon models, including the Telxon PTC710 and PTC610, with over $1 million of parts in our inventory! We have plenty of Certified-Refurbished hardware available as well. DBK is your number one source for Telxon repairs!

Your repaired Telxon handheld equipment can be shipped over night and our Depot Service, along with repairs, includes 24/7 asset tracking online. Other repair services include equipment recovery, upgrade and rollout services, configuration and software flashing.

We are proud of our unparalleled customer service, including live representatives to take your calls! Unlike many other repair services, all of our repairs have warranties. We even offer consolidated billing and multiple types of service agreements.

DBK Concepts has over 22 years experience in the industry. Most of our customers are Fortune 1000 companies and have been with us for over 10 years, because DBK is easy to do business with! Call DBK today to see how we can help you with your Telxon repairs!

Texlon Symbol Barcode Scanner Models That DBK Repairs:

  • Telxon PTC 960
  • Telxon 960DS
  • Telxon 960SL
  • Telxon 960XDS
  • Telxon 710
  • Telxon 610
  • Telxon 701
  • Telxon 860
  • Telxon 3100

Motorola now owns Telxon and Symbol, so we also repair:

  • Motorola MC9090
  • Motorola MC9060
  • Motorola MC23090
  • Motorola MC7090
  • Motorola VC5090
  • Motorola MC55
  • Motorola MC60
  • Symbol PDT6800
  • Symbol PDT6840
  • Symbol PDT6846
  • Symbol PDT3100
  • Symbol PDT3140
  • Symbol PDT6100
  • Symbol PDT6140
  • Symbol LS4005
  • Symbol LS4006
  • Symbol LS3200
  • Symbol LS2000
  • Symbol PPT8146
  • Symbol VRC 6900
  • Symbol PPT2800
  • Symbol PPT 2846

Service Agreements

DBK's Service Agreements are customizeable to your specific needs. Our basic plans are as follows:

  • Depot Express ("Hot Swap" or "Spare in the Air")
  • Full Service Maintenance
  • Flat Rate
  • Time and Materials

All of the repairs are performed by DBK’s Certified Technicians and include:

  • Cleaning and removal of all foreign material from the case
  • Cleaning all circuit boards within the unit
  • Re-Seating all socketed EPROMS
  • Visual inspection of all components and replacing defective / worn parts
  • Testing of equipment for excessive current drain
  • Checking and repairing all broken wiring
  • Inspection, cleaning and tightening of display connection
  • Checking of liquid crystal display for proper operation
  • Voltage checks on primary batteries
  • Voltage checks on memory or memory backup batteries
  • Replacing all depleted lithium backup batteries with new ones
  • Recycle worn/bad batteries as needed
  • Performing diagnostic testing on all functions
  • Insuring a clean appearance and a functional state prior to return

DBK is a Repair Center for the Following Manufacturer's Equipment:
Symbol, Texlon, Comtec, Dell, Fujitsu, Handheld Products (HHP), LXE, Metrologic, PSC, Zebra

Service Offerings
  • Over 130 Certified Technicians
  • 15 Electrical Engineers
  • 20,000 Sq. Ft., State-of-the-Art Depot Warehouse and Service Center

Call or e-mail DBK for a quote today !