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RFID Solutions

RFID Solutions by Honeywell

As an independently-owned reseller of handheld mobile devices and related technology, it’s our goal to provide solutions capable of putting your company on the cutting edge. Businesses focused on their future rely on Honeywell products to lead the way. With over 125 years of experience, Honeywell has been at the forefront of innovation in radio frequency identification (RFID) in wireless electronic data transfer systems.

Intermec by Honeywell is a leading brand delivering RFID systems that are scalable to your size and requirements. It offers a broad catalog of RFID products ranging from handheld readers and vehicle mount readers to RFID tags and smart labels. Its products support the current standard protocols — they are also user-friendly and seamlessly integrate into most networks.

Honeywell Remote MasterMind for Innovative Device Management

Remote MasterMind Software gives enterprises the ability to manage mobile handheld scanners, computers, printers and other devices from a single site. In the modern work environment, it pays to have a system built to keep your mobile fleet running efficiently. Remote MasterMind Device Management Software will save your business time and money by:

  • Initiating scanner software up-dates
  • Dealing with multiple operating systems
  • Overseeing performance indicators
  • Ensuring proper configurations
  • Providing around-the-clock control over any device within your network

Honeywell Remote Mastermind provides remote diagnostics for device monitoring and troubleshooting. You get real-time reporting on everything from battery status and radio performance to communication and operating system error readings. The system retrieves metrics and analyzes critical data to find ways to unlock efficiency and productivity. Results equate to more precise and effective management of your people, processes and mobile equipment.

DBK Concepts Offers a Large Selection of RFID Solutions

Remote access, RFID and systems automation are the future of business productivity. DBK provides the products and technical consultant services to take your operations to the next level. We not only rely on our strategic relationships with top manufacturers, but we also analyze your specific needs to customize a comprehensive plan for complete system integration.

DBK offers system design, system integration and software integration. We’ll do everything from staging and kitting your RFID-enabled fleet to securing implementation and national roll out and retrieval. We offer unsurpassed customer service and industry-leading product expertise to help your company outpace the competition.

Ready to learn more about RFID and Remote MasterMind Device Management Software by Honeywell? Contact us for complete product information today. Open the door to your company’s successful future!