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Motorola Equipment Repairs

Ask Us About Our Certified Motorola Barcode Scanner Repair Experts!

Motorola is one of the world’s top OEMs of barcode scanners, sensors, kiosks, computers, tablets and more. That has led many companies like yours to run an entirely Motorola warehouse or distribution center. When your in-house team runs into problems they can’t handle, turn to DBK to replace or repair any Motorola equipment.

Our experts use the software, know the payment and data platforms, and handle this equipment every day. Motorola barcode equipment repairs are just one of the many services DBK technicians specialize in. Ask us about all of your OEM barcode equipment replacement and maintenance needs.

Fast Repair on Motorola Equipment

DBK prioritizes your Motorola equipment repairs because we know these are mission-critical elements. With scanners able to read standard barcodes and those printed across curved, reflective surfaces, Motorola equipment is used in time-sensitive industries such as medicinal deliveries.

Healthcare and other organizations requiring clean environments can depend on DBK to complete all Motorola equipment repairs with the required care. We’ll monitor and test each part to ensure that prior damage hasn’t compromised key elements such as its disinfectant-ready plastic housing.

Our 130 technicians and 15 electrical engineers have the experience you need for any Motorola model. We can handle Motorola barcode scanner repairs on fixed units, as well as its industry-leading handheld scanners that are small enough to be worn around your neck or put in your pocket.

Rugged Motorola Barcode Scanner Repairs

Motorola provides a series of rough-and-ready barcode scanners to work in warehouses, construction yards and on the workroom floor. Damage to these units can be severe, and all maintenance and repairs must deliver like-new condition in order withstand any future abuse.

DBK certified experts review all Motorola equipment repairs to ensure that the equipment is strong and that all new materials can withstand normal job stress. Trust our work and find peace of mind with a 90-day warranty on work and parts.

Have common problems or need consistent maintenance? Ask us about our flat-rate repair programs to help you keep a complete stock of scanners. To complement our Motorola barcode scanner repair services, DBK also offers a full quantity of parts and temporary replacements.

Get Your Motorola Equipment Repair Quote Today!

DBK provides you with a full-scale repair service, including logistics for clients headquartered across the globe. We provide repair and maintenance service in North America but can assist any foreign company with concerns in this geography.

Check out our repair services and get a free quote on your project. Be sure to ask DBK about how to improve your current operations with new Motorola equipment. Get all of the software and SDK support plus Motorola equipment repairs from a single trusted source to improve your bottom line and your turnaround time.

*Updated October 13, 2017

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