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Repair Ticket Process

Repair Ticket Process

At DBK we don’t just fix your devices we have a process in place that will give you assurance that you are getting quality service, accurate on-time reporting, and software that holds everyone at DBK accountable to ensure that your service level agreements are met. All of this is done by a professionally managed team.

DBK's Repair Process

What does it take to make sure that the devices that arrive at DBK for Service get back to the customer in a timely manner, fixed and working in the correct environment?

DBK assures that all devices shipped to DBK receive prompt attention, and through our ServTrack software, we control the process and the flow guaranteeing quick repair and accurate reporting. There are several modules that have been developed to assure that a device moving through the repair facility makes it out in the allotted time for that specific contract.

The First Step is setting up the customer in ServTrack and designating the type of service that the customer will require.
Our system follows a very simple but effective rule that consist of actions and each action carries a number and each number or action must be completed before the next step is allowed. For example, lets say that 1=receiving and 2=technical service. The system will not allow a device to by-pass receiving and make it to technical services. It will prevent a work order from being set up and this is crucial to ensure that everything that is supposed to be done to the device is done. It is also important so that we can manage the work flow and all devices make it out the door and back to the customer in a timely manner.


Receiving is done by serial number, part number and customer location. Upon arrival the unit is assigned a barcode that links the unit to your company and the originating RMA. At each stage in the repair process outlined below this barcode is scanned so that the unit’s status is available in real-time. In addition this scan will provide any special instructions for each department. The system then takes over and starts to move the device through the repair process. The device is then placed in the “waiting to be repaired” holding area.


Our floor supervisor will constantly check the work assignment reports to see what devices have been received and are ready to be repaired. When the supervisor determines that a device needs to be repaired he/she will indicate to the warehouse dispatcher what certified technician will work on that specific device. A work order is then selected, the serial number is scanned onto that work order and a technician is assigned the work. All of this information is recorded in the ServTrack system.

Technical Bench

The technician’s role begins when they are assigned a work order. Technicians go to the warehouse to get the unit and must scan their finger to accept the unit. Back at their bench the first step is to run a full diagnostic of the device being repaired. Once the diagnostics are complete the technician will proceed to perform the repair. The repair is completed by performing component level repairs or by changing out the failing part(s). Once the unit has been repaired the technician then performs additional diagnostic testing to assure that all is working properly.

During the repair process the technician has a support group that he can turn to for additional help. He has part runners that deliver parts when needed from the warehouse to the technical bench. This is done through an electronic request. The technician can also seek help from the floor supervisor or one of our many engineers.

Once the repair process is complete the technician turns the work order over to quality control. This is done using a biometric finger print reader. Each technician must enter the work order number onto a quality control workstation and then the quality control professional must scan their fingerprint to accept the unit. Once this is done the work order is assigned to quality control for testing, cleaning and preparation for shipping.

Quality Control

Our quality control process is performed on one hundred percent of the devices we repair. We first perform a visual check followed by a functionality check. Each device is checked for the correct version of software, memory and connectivity - if a radio is present. Additional tests include keyboard, scanner, display, backlight, memory, battery and applications. The case, display window, battery, battery cover, phone strap, ports, keyboard, serial number labels, etc., are all inspected and cleaned.

Supervision and Accountability

Our supervisors are armed with information. Their access to reports is immediate. They have many management tools and reports that keep the work flowing and controlled.


Pre-ship is the final check of ServTrack confirming all steps have been performed so a packing list can print. If the steps have not been met a packing slip will not print. Once the packing slip prints it confirms the work order repair has passed all departments. The device is then compared to the packing slip by serial number and printed for shipping.


We use foam-in-place to pack all devices we ship. Foam-in-place is liquid biodegradable foam that molds to the device providing protection while in transit to its final destination. The packing foam and box are reusable. The final step in shipping is we electronically export all shipping information from the main database into the UPS shipping database. This eliminates the need for our shippers to type in anything, minimizing the chance for a shipping error.

Throughout the process you are able to view the progress of your equipment via the ServTrack web portal. In addition you will be able to pull reporting on various aspects of the repair data including: shipping, receiving, turnaround, repair history and more. All reports are able to be downloaded into Excel.

• All products sold by DBK come with a 3-month (90-day) unconditional warranty.

*Updated October 13, 2017

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