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Printer Repair

Barcode Printers that Complement Your Barcode Scanners

Barcode printers are essential to any business requiring inventory and utilizing barcode scanners, and these handheld printers make the process simple! Barcode printers print barcode labels for use on products which are then scanned by barcode scanners, completing your process of taking inventory.

Barcode printers are handheld and wireless, making them completely functional for covering large areas and handling a large number of products. Barcode printers, like barcode scanners, increase your productivity and cut down on errors in inventory. Their error rate is very low compared to humans taking inventory manually and the equipment makes applying barcode labels extremely easy.

Receipt Printers for Point of Sale

Receipt printers are used in Point of Sale systems such as cash registers by employees who need to interact with customers and provide them with receipts after providing services. Receipt printers are a necessity in industries such as the restaurant business, retail, service industries and any business offering on-site transactions. In these particular industries, receipt printers need to be able to handle high volumes of printing and require thermal paper in most cases.

In most POS systems, the receipt printer controls the cash register drawer. If a receipt is printed, the drawer can open. These intricate systems require services frequently due to a high volume of usage, and without them, a business may not be able to operate. At DBK, we understand the importance of the functionality of receipt printers and provide receipt printer repair for your business meeting quality standards. We specialize in Epson printer repair and more, so be sure to remember DBK the next time your receipt printers are in need of some repair.

Depot Epson Printer Repair

Our depot  technicians and electrical engineers are available to repair Epson receipt printers!  We are qualified to handle any major brand of connectivity and communication hardware, including Epson. Epson receipt printers go through our repair center and are quality tested to the highest standards before being sent back to you in a carefully packaged shipment!

Epson receipt printers are the most popular brand of receipt printers for use in POS systems around the world. We specialize in Epson printer repair as it is the standard.

At DBK, we understand the frustration when your barcode printer or receipt printer won’t work. We will handle your technical problems and send your receipt printer back to you quickly so your down time is as short as possible.

Contact DBK today for your every repair need including barcode scanner repair, Motorola scanner repair or Telxon repair.