DBK Certified-Refurbished Products

Extreme Saving - Exceptional Quality

DBK Certified-Refurbished product keeps your current AIDC, barcode and wireless systems up and running.

The Time, money and training you’ve invested in your automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) equipment is precious to you. That is why DBK is committed to helping you find the maximum ROI on your systems-especially when the original manufacturer has discontinued your product lines and their support of your equipment. Buying DBK Certified-Refurbished Product allows you to find the replacements and spares you need, while offering a cost-efficient way to extend the life of your current systems. Learn more about our Symbol Motorola Certified-Refurbished services for the MC9060 and MC9090 Mobile Computers.

Certified-Refurbished Product by DBK

At DBK, “Certified-Refurbished” means legacy product of exceptional quality at extreme savings. To earn the “DBK Certified” seal, we submit all Certified-Refurbished AIDC equipment, such as refurbished barcode scanners, to a rigorous set of test that eliminates any hardwware that fails to meet our exceptional, like-new standards. Legacy or new, DBK can source and recondition nearly any AIDC unit. DBK offers two levels of DBK Certified-Refurbished Product to meet the needs of a wider audience of users. DBK offers service contracts for all the Certified-Refurbished products we sell, so you can maximize your investment. When equipment is ready for retirement, DBK has enviromentally responsible recycling and disposal services that are insured against liability and have a zero – landfill policy.

When Certified-Refurbished Product is Recommended

DBK Cerfified Certified-Refurbished Prodcut is highly recommended when you:

  • Are adding to your installed base and want to extend your proven hardware platform.
  • Would like to upgrade to a newer technology but don’t have the budget to do so.
  • Don’t require the latest technology to meet the demands of your application(s).

Because not all requirements are the same, DBK has created two levels of DBK Certified-Refurbished Product to provide additional options to our customers. The quality of the reconditioning is the same for both programs. DBK Certified Plus Certified-Refurbished Product offers a new battery, overnight shippping and a 3 day turn around, services we feel some but not all customers will require. Below is an outline of our two programs.



– General inspection of the unit includes case, windows, battery / battery compartment, serial point and keyboard.


– Verify that units are 100% operational. Units are loaded with the original manufacturer diagnostic software to validate all working modules. The following tests are performed:

  • Keyboard Test
  • Display Test
  • Memory Test
  • Battery Test
  • Communication Tests, IR Port, Radio
  • Communication, etc
  • Scanner Test
  • Processor Test


Verify proper operating system revision level. Verify the appropriate customer application program version


The quality control departament uses the same checklist used by the repair technicians. A unit must pass all the tests listed above before the quality control technician releases the unit for shipping. All noncomforming units are recorded and rejected, and sent back to the repair area.