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Interactive Digital Signage/Kiosks

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Customers want information at the touch of a finger. We have become accustomed to our touch phones and tablets. Businesses need to find a way to touch their customers in a way that customers will be drawn to. Interactive digital signage and kiosks is the way to accomplish this. These systems are integral in meeting the customer where they are and giving them what they want. These interactions can be anything...designing furniture with pre-set fabrics and base shapes, paying / checking credit card balances, marketing, information dispersal, tracking customer trends, even placing orders for an item that may not be in stock at the store.

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Touch-based systems help you meet your customers where they are and provide them the information they need in an accessible manner. Add a digital kiosk to your business and you’ll enjoy multiple potential benefits:

Increased productivity

Interactive digital signage makes it easier for customers to find information about your products, your facility and more. This frees up on-the-ground staff to see to more important matters, boosting their effectiveness and productivity.

Increased accuracy

Today’s digital signage is updateable in seconds — there’s no need to print new materials or call in a technician. As a result, keeping information about your staff, your inventory or your branding up-to-date is easy. This leads to less potential for confusion and, ultimately, a more seamless experience for your customers.

Increased engagement

When done right, digital signage presents an opportunity to connect with your customers. Businesses that adopt high-tech solutions early will seem more forward-thinking and professional, creating strong positive associations.

Industry Applications

Digital kiosks and interactive signage have a variety of applications. Ultimately, the potential for their use depends on the nature of your business and the way you typically interact with your customers. DBK Concepts supplies problem-solving digital tools for businesses in many different industries. Some tasks our products can assist with include:

Product visualization

Digital signage allows clients to view their order in your showroom. This is particularly useful in automotive dealerships, furniture stores and other operations, where products are highly customized or made-to-order based on a customer’s requirements.

Ordering and payment

An interactive digital kiosk can simplify the task of placing and paying for an order. Businesses ranging from banks to fast food restaurants all rely on this technology to streamline operations and improve accuracy.

Information dispersal

Digital signage is highly useful in apartment buildings, office complexes, malls and other facilities where tenant information changes regularly. Use our tools to keep directories and contact information current at all times.

Quality management

An interactive digital kiosk can be used to track customer satisfaction or ensure staff follow the proper steps when performing a task. This improves accountability and provides management with business intelligence that can guide future decision-making.

Intava Presto digital signage-kiosksDepending on the specific needs of your operation, DBK Concepts can supply comprehensive digital kiosk solutions consisting of touch monitors, printers, enclosures, software and other technology. We provide onsite installation and service throughout the United States, as well as complete project management support around the rollout of your new system.

For more information on where to begin with Interactive Digital Signage and Kiosks, contact DBK and we’ll consult with you and determine the best solution for your requirements.