Certified-Refurbished Barcode Scanners

Certified-Refurbished Barcode Scanners Include Our DBK Certified Seal

At DBK, "Certified-Refurbished” means a product of exceptional quality providing your business with extreme savings.

About Our Certified-Refurbished Barcode Scanners

Value is at the heart of DBK Concepts We realize refurbishing can save you and your business when it comes to equipment that uses constantly changing technologies. We also understand the hesitations many people have when purchasing Certified-Refurbished equipment; hence the reason for our “DBK-Certified” seal.

To earn the “DBK Certified” seal, we submit all Certified-Refurbished AIDC equipment through a rigorous set of tests that eliminates any hardware that fails to meet our exceptional, like-new standards. Legacy or new, DBK can source and recondition nearly any AIDC unit!

DBK has two levels of DBK-Certified-Refurbished Products in order to offer a customized service to our customers. The two levels are DBK-Certified Plus Certified-Refurbished Products and DBK-Certified-Refurbished Products. Both levels offer the same high quality standards of refurbishment DBK is known for. DBK-Certified Plus Certified-Refurbished Products have a new battery, are shipped overnight, are completed in 3 days and come with a one year warranty. DBK-Certified-Refurbished

We provide free consultations and free quotes for DBK-Certified-Refurbished equipment. We also offer service contracts for all the Certified-Refurbished products we sell, so you can maximize and protect your investment.

We know some customers will need their products sooner rather than later and always work to provide you with the best turnaround times.

When Barcode Scanner Refurbishing is Recommended

DBK provides refurbishing services because we understand the cost of upgrading or buying brand new inventory equipment. We realize businesses cannot purchase brand new products every time technology changes. Therefore, as technology advances and the need for mobility increases, DBK promises to continue to keep up with the progress and provide our customers with the latest in mobile equipment alongside our unsurpassed certified service.

Choosing to refurbish your equipment can be a cost effective way to ensure your business is up to current standards without having wasteful down time.

DBK-Certified Certified-Refurbished Product is highly recommended when:

  • Your business is adding to your installed base and want to extend your proven hardware platform
  • You would like to upgrade to a newer technology but don’t have the budget to do so
  • Meeting the demands of your application does not require the latest technology