World-class Repair

World-class repair facilities with 130+ bench technicians.

DBK Web Portal

Proprietary logistics web portal for tracking all your hardware and services.

Industry Expertise

Retailing, transportation and logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and more.

Logistics & Staging

Superior logistics and staging services, customer support and asset tracking nationwide.

Convergent Technologies

Laser barcode scanners, handheld computers, printers and wireless communication networks

Large OEM Coverage

Multi-Vendor OEM coverage for configuration & deployment services, repair, refurbishment, warranty administration and more.

Serving Fortune 500 Companies Since 1988

DBK is the industry-leading provider of end to end I.T. Hardware / Software Solutions and Depot Break/Fix Services

"Thank you for making my job much easier in 2010 - and for solving some problems I didn't even know we had."
— Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

“...such quality service you are providing - you guys ROCK! I just knew we'd be happy with the decision.”
— Hallmark

"I've mentioned it before & I'll say it again: DBK is my favorite IT vendor."
— Starbucks

DBK Concepts is an industry leader in providing complete mobile data collection solutions capable of placing your business on the cutting edge. Whether you’re in the market for tablets and handheld computers, laptops, bar code scanners, POS Solutions or interactive digital signage, we have a complete inventory of new and Certified-Refurbished products to choose from.

Latest News & Blog Posts

In order to serve our customers most effectively, DBK continues to expand our business alliances / certifications within the ever-changing mobile computing industry. 


DBK Tracking Solutions

We partner with Zebra and SOTI to maximize device performance and protect undisrupted uptime with tracking that thrives in enterprise.

  • Maximized Asset Visibility
  • Seamless Device Management
  • More Uptime

Need to be Walmart RFID Compliant?

We can help you quickly and efficiently get RFID tags on your goods to meet retailer mandates.