Enterprise Repair Plans

Depot Equipment Repair & Maintenance Plans

Depot repair and maintenance programs are at the heart of DBK. We’ve developed a repair schedule that helps customers maintain the life of their equipment while minimizing downtime. Our goal is to provide top repairs that save your bottom line.

DBK offers extended warranties on all repaired equipment and is here to refurbish your existing equipment to extend its usable life. Choose an enterprise repair plan today and save your company from spending money on new equipment that requires time to integrate, train on and test.

Our Repair Plans Include:

Our team works in two shifts to provide express services for barcode scanners and printers by any manufacturer. Ideal for organizations that must keep equipment downtime to an absolute minimum, our express pricing covers all repair and shipping expenses and gets your equipment back to you in just 24 hours.

Instead of waiting for your equipment to break down, invest in regular maintenance from DBK Concepts. We offer affordable maintenance plans for barcode scanners, warehouse scanners, barcode printers and more. Our team can identify potential issues before they become a problem and suggest upgrades that will add extra life and functionality to your aging equipment.

Our flat-rate printer and scanner repair plans cover all expenses related to a repair. After inspecting your equipment, we’ll provide a detailed estimate outlining all work and its associated costs. With our flat-rate pricing, there’s no surprises or hidden expenses.

We also offer time and material pricing plans for barcode, barcode printer, warehouse scanner and other repairs. Ideal for smaller or low-volume jobs, our time and material plans charge $75/hour for labor, plus the cost of any required parts. We can complete most work in three to five days.

OEM Repairs: Outsource your barcode scanner repairs to DBK Concepts to save money and reduce hassle. We have the equipment and in-house expertise necessary to partner with manufacturers and logistics centers of any size. Contact our office directly to learn more.

When printers break down, every aspect of a business can grind to a halt. Avoid that hassle with a DBK printer repair plan designed to keep your equipment up and running. We specialize in a variety of industry, point-of-sale and warehousing printer services.

Feel confident in trusting your printer to DBK, especially if it’s a high-volume, mission-critical part of your daily operations. Ask about our OEM expertise from Datalogic and Epson to Cipher Lab and Motorola. We’ve seen it, we’ve repaired it, and we can do the same for you at an affordable rate.

DBK knows the pain that a broken printer can cause, so we address technical problems quickly. From simple POS support to the complex functionality of smart barcode printers, we have the expertise and aptitude to get you back on your feet with a printer that works like new.

Don’t settle for a barcode repair plan that only addresses your scanners. DBK offers a complete depot repair center that can handle:

  • Broken scanners
  • RF terminals
  • Vehicle-mounted terminals
  • Mobile printers
  • Access points and much more.

Every element is important, so every repair is done right and returned quickly.

DBK staffs certified IT technicians who have years of experience handling a variety of barcode repair and replacement services. All of our work is completed here in the U.S. to guarantee top talent and fast turnaround times.

Distribution centers and receiving yards can be tough environments, so be sure to ask about our break-and-fix warehouse scanner repair options. Packages can even include replacements for batteries, cables and power supplies when you need a replacement or want a secure backup.

Forklifts, pallets and trucks can be hard on any equipment that’s used every day. DBK knows that everything in your warehouse is a vital component, so we offer a warehouse scanner repair option that’s designed to get your equipment up-and-running quickly. Our in-house labs provide a full suite of repair and testing.

Don’t let equipment damage or failures harm your bottom line. And don’t let repairs drag on by using different firms for your barcode scanners, terminals, printers or sensors.

You’ve streamlined your supply chain processes to eliminate waste. Proven equipment makes that possible. DBK will get you back on track quickly with certified repair technicians who know that time and margins are related.

Turn downtime into no time at all by contacting us today for a free quote on any enterprise repair plans.