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Multi-Vendor Depot Services

DBK Services

DBK Concepts offers Multi-Vendor Depot Services. Check out our list of services below. Any service you are interested in and do not see listed below please give us a call at 1-800-725-7226 and we would be happy to discuss your needs.

Depot Services We Offer

  • Repair Center
  • DBK runs a full-service repair center that can help maintain all of the data-collection technology you use. Our specialists can get your barcode scanners and other hardware back in working condition, regardless of vendor or your original purchase partner. Repair services also have options for extended warranties, ensuring you get the most time and service out of all of your equipment.

    Take a look at our full repair center capabilities.

  • Repair Plans
  • Choose the plan that fits best with your budget and your timetable. DBK Concepts offers a variety of repair services custom fit to keep you running. Ask about our Express Service that can give you a 24-hour turnaround window or work with our traditional maintenance schedules that can keep your equipment running.

    Pay how you need, when you prefer. DBK Concepts offers both Flat Rate Repair and Time and Materials repair packages that allow you to meet your budget. No matter what selection you make, your equipment will always be checked, repaired and re-tested by manufacturer-certified technicians. Compare plans now.

  • Repairs by Manufacturer
  • DBK Concepts knows that every manufacturer has its own set of specifications for repairs, maintenance, diagnostics and more. We employ technicians who are certified by every major manufacturer, so your work is always done by someone who knows the equipment inside and out.

    The DBK full-service repair center also includes a complete testing facility that measures equipment success based on manufacturer levels and requirements. Whether your barcode scanners and printers are made by Motorola, Cipher Lab, Datalogic or one of the many other key equipment manufacturers, DBK has the right staff, tools and repair capabilities for a quick turnaround.

  • Barcode Scanner Repair
  • Barcode scanners are at the heart of warehousing, intake and distribution center operations. CBK’s roster of certified technicians are able to perform repairs on legacy and new OEM barcode scanners. We’ll develop a maintenance schedule that returns your equipment quickly, but that also provides a full set of testing to ensure you’re back up and running when you need to be.

    Find out more about our full barcode repair packages today!

  • Printer Repair
  • Barcode printers help your inventory experts keep your warehouse and DC running smoothly. Don’t let an error message or hardware that consistently jams ruin your operations. DBK’s certified repair staff can assist you with a full range of maintenance and repairs for barcode printers as well as all of your other scanning hardware.

    Learn more about the equipment we repair including receipt printers, point-of-sale scanners and more.

*Updated October 13, 2017

Service Offerings

“I really want to extend my appreciation for everyone’s hard work to ensure that this non-negotiable timeline was met! Great work by all involved!”

Winn Dixie

“As always, it's been my pleasure to be a part of such consistent and thorough teamwork with you and your company, DBK. You're the best!”

The Children's Place

“...such quality service you are providing - you guys ROCK! I just knew we'd be happy with the decision.”


“Once again, DBK has out-performed my expectations!!”

National Distributing Company

“Each year we survey our (62) NAPA Distribution Centers regarding performance level of vendors. We are very pleased with the results. Thanks for the high level of performance.”

NAPA / Genuine Parts Company

"I've mentioned it before & I'll say it again: DBK is my favorite IT vendor."


"Things are going very well. I have not received a single complaint to date! From my perspective, I've found DBK to be a very adaptable partner to serve our needs. The fact that I spend very little time managing this is a testament to how well they are performing. Although I don't have DOA and shipping compliance % figures yet for November, I do expect them to be well within contractual guidelines. Thanks!"

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

"Thank you for making my job much easier in 2010 - and for solving some problems I didn't even know we had."

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

"We depend on accurate real-time information to properly handle the support issues facing our stores. DBK ServTrackTM helps me ensure that our critical store ordering equipment is redeployed promptly via our depot process. I am able to check on the delivery status of a depot order without needing to involve any additional people. This has eliminated the phone calls that were once placed to track these same shipments.”

Food Lion

“You are the best vendor we have in this department...and we have some very good ones. In the event, that you ever need customer help to secure or build business, please feel free to call on me to be a cheerleader.”

National Distributing Company

“Thanks to DBK’s ServTrackTM, the record keeping and tracking information of our assets is now all maintained in real time through the Internet. DBK’s ServTrackTM also allows us to get real time information on repair history, rollouts, online inventory, and current status and location of all our bar code equipment. Before we converted to ServTrackTM, this was done manually—the time savings and accuracy of this system is invaluable to us.”

Sherwin Williams Consumer Group

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