Vehicle Mounted Terminals

Honeywell Vehicle Mounted Computers

DBK Concepts is a reseller of top-quality products designed to help your company boost productivity and reduce operating costs. We provide an extensive selection of Honeywell scanning and mobility products including vehicle-mounted computers and terminals. If you’re ready to drive your business to greater success, we have the tools to fuel your journey.

Honeywell has extensive experience and expertise with the development of in-vehicle devices optimized for gains in efficiency. Its vehicle mounted computers represent the tenth generation of innovation in technology and product design. Prominent features of the line include:

  • A variety of options in screen sizes
  • Custom configuration of Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Vehicle mounting for carts, trucks and forklifts
  • “Hot swap” mounting and demounting
  • Long-lasting durability and performance

Move Forward With Vehicle Mounted Computers

Honeywell vehicle mounted computers and terminals can speed up your business. They help your employees bring desktop computing capabilities and system integration with them everywhere they go. Whether you’re in the warehouse, on the road or in the field, vehicle computers keep your company moving with optimal efficiency.

DBK’s featured products include:

The Honeywell VM1 is a forklift computer capable of pushing productivity past the competition. It’s fitted with innovative breakthroughs to help overcome the challenges of the modern supply chain. This vehicle-mount computer provides improved flexibility, increased speed and advanced technical proficiency in a wide range of applications.

The Honeywell VM2 offers best-in-class mobile computing built to bring speed and precision to countless applications. The Thor VM2 is available with Windows 7 Pro, WES 7, and other features specifically configured to overcome the common obstacles that block the path of supply chain efficiency.

Both the Thor VM1 and VM2 offer plenty of features and benefits:

  • The Thor VM1 by Honeywell features a smart dock system that’s simple to mount and remove. It provides the ruggedness necessary for mobile computing along with sealing that stands up to the harsh elements of an industrial environment. Managers have the option of deploying lift truck computers when and where they’re needed most. Units can be shifted between vehicle mounts in a fraction of the industry standard time.

  • Field-replaceable front panels protect your investment by reducing maintenance costs on the most exposed and fragile computer components. The keyboard and touch screen on the Thor VM1 are completely integrated and user-replaceable. You won’t have to burn your budget on costly replacements and repairs.

  • Ignition Control stops issues related to dead vehicle batteries in their tracks. Vehicle-mounted computers by Honeywell go into standby mode when the ignition is off to avoid battery rundown that leads to stalls in productivity.

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