Vehicle Mounted Terminals

Vehicle Mounted Terminals

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Vehicle-Mounted Terminal and Monitor Support

Vehicle-mounted terminals are a key way to verify your operations and support your business in retail, trucking, transportation and warehousing. DBK Concepts provides a robust lineup of terminal monitors so that you can run the software packages your operations demand. These units come with the latest in networking support to make it easy for you to create, track, collect and analyze data for smoother operations.

DBK is a leading provider of terminals and monitors from Zebra, Denso, Fujitsu, Metrologic, Unitech and many more brands. Ask us about new and Certified-Refurbished models to meet your budget and your application.

Discover Top Benefits of Vehicle-Mounted Terminals

  • Detailed information is available at all times, and can be drilled down to the individual item. That allows the driver to know where the goods they’re dropping off or picking up are located, down to the dock or rack.
  • Drivers get information quickly in a way that’s designed not to distract them from the road.
  • Elimination of human error in a variety of picking, packing, delivery and return applications.
  • Multiple serial ports for connection to any needed equipment, from barcode scanners and RFID readers to weight scales and equipment.
  • Real-time accurate information and reporting for vehicles and workers.
  • Simple confirmation that your logistics and shipping applications are being performed correctly and on time.
  • Support for in-depth software and support, even during cross-dock applications when prepping for shipping.
  • Terminals can track movement in real-time, allowing you to know exactly how drivers are on the road and the paths workers take as they move across your warehouse.

Answer Today’s Biggest Trials

Vehicle-mounted terminals and monitors provide a variety of rugged and strong support for logistics, warehousing, constructing and other industries that need robust wireless capabilities. Real-time data and reporting allow you to monitor all of your staff, no matter where they are in any environment where you operate.

New units can support 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless networking standards, as well as other networking technology to work with whatever is currently deployed in your warehouse or your customers’ operations. Operators can also have access to the desktop applications they need to complete tasks more quickly and accurately.

Models are designed for a variety of inventory and asset management, whether it’s a van or truck delivery system or one of the many vehicles you use around your warehouse or yard. Picking, packing and receiving can all operate on the same system, allowing each terminal to adjust and provide the support you need.

These mounted units are able to work with a wide range of sensors so that you’re able to report back in your warehouse and main office. Whether it’s on a forklift, in your truck or with a team member checking on a shipment, these terminals are able to keep your operations running smoothly.

DBK Concepts: Your Leader in Vehicle-Mounted Terminals and Monitors

DBK Concepts offers Certified-Refurbished and new vehicle equipment for industries just like yours. We’ve created long-lasting relationships with terminal and monitor OEMs and many other partners throughout the vehicle space. Our experts can make recommendations based on your specific needs to get you the perfect vehicle-mounted terminal for your fleet. Contact us for more information.