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Very few offices can function effectively without a good printer. In fact, depending upon the size and the type of your operation, you may have many printers working for you at any one time. It’s critical that you find printers that are reliable and have the features you need, as well as fit into your budget.

That’s where DBK Concepts comes in. When it comes to certified refurbished commercial printers, we are the undisputed experts. With the best OEMs and the best features, such as printing during mobile applications and specialty card and high-volume support, we’re confident we have the refurbished printer solutions you need.

We also understand that while you want the economic benefits of refurbished commercial printers, you can’t afford any drop in quality. That’s something you never have to worry about with commercial refurbished printers from DBK Concepts. If you didn’t know these were refurbished used commercial printers, you would never be able to tell.

We offer the top brands for our commercial refurbished printers and are authorized resellers of well-known commercial printer manufacturers, such as Zebra and Honeywell.

Benefits of Commercial Printers From DBK Concepts

What can our commercial printers do for you? If you already have one or more networked commercial printers working for you, you know how well they can function together to boost effectiveness and maximize efficiency. We can also offer you mobile demand printer distributor options that can make it so whoever needs access to any document can have a printout almost instantly, whether they are in one of your warehouses or out in the field.

Some of the benefits of our refurbished printer solutions can include:

Remote Access to Documents

There are many situations where your employees may need hard copies of documents right away, even if you are in the field. We have printers, including a variety of Honeywell printers, that you can hook up to your network to track overall usage for remote monitoring and make sure your team can get their printouts even in remote locations.

The Best Features, Customized to Your Business Needs

Different businesses have different requirements when it comes to refurbished commercial printers. We can find the right printers for you whether you’re looking for refurbished printer solutions for your retail establishment, your distribution operation, for field services and more.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

When you allow us to set you up with a networked printer system, you can enjoy dramatic cost savings. Because you can share printers with employees at work stations all over your office, you can purchase fewer printers, which can reduce demand on your supplies and lower your overhead. Because the printers you do buy come from our stock of certified refurbished commercial printers, you’ll pay less for each one than you would if you bought them new, without sacrificing quality

Fewer Maintenance Requirements

Many people fear that when they save money by buying refurbished commercial printers, they are opening themselves up to greater maintenance and repair costs. That’s not the case with refurbished printer solutions from DBK Concepts. In fact, a printer you buy from DBK concepts will usually require less maintenance than a standard new printer. These printers are built to stand up to heavy use or mobile use, depending upon your requirements, and they perform accordingly. We can customize your printer, so you can get the optimal benefit for your company’s specific needs without putting extra strain on the machine.

Types of Printers We Offer

One of the many benefits of working with DBK Concepts is that we tailor your printer to your needs. The types of high-quality printers we can offer you include:

Desktop Printers

The desktop printer is the standard type of printer you may be used to having in your office. We provide superior desktop printers from Honeywell and Zebra that are the perfect fit for your office and come with tremendous productivity support, from the standard document support to specific options targeting the needs of your industry and business.

Industrial Printers

If your business requires daily, high-volume printing, you need an excellent printer that can stand up to heavy use and keep going day after day without a constant need for repair or maintenance. We have the industrial printers you need for your warehouse, manufacturing center or distribution center. These printers will keep performing even if you are printing non-stop or delivering huge volumes of documents each month.

Kiosk Printers

The simple and affordable kiosk printer is great for receipt locations and self-service applications. We can offer options to support bag tags, tickets, and other specialized printing features.

Mobile Printers

The mobile printer is the newest way business is moving faster and better in the 21st century. We offer wearable printers, as well as full meter, mount, hand-carry and vehicle printers, so you can print out the documents you need fast in just about any location.

Specialty Printers

Let us know what you need in a commercial printer, and we’re sure we can provide it, whether you need an RFID card printer, a printer with passive options that print whenever a sensor is tripped to enable label distribution or readouts and many more. Just ask — you may be amazed at what we can do.

Find Name Brand Certified-Refurbished Commercial Printers Now

If you’re looking for the top name brands in commercial printers, you’ve come to the right place. We love to offer Zebra and Honeywell printers to our clients, but we have plenty of other great brands we can offer you, as well. To see the printers offered by DBK, please select a manufacturer below:

  • Zebra
  • Honeywell
  • HP
  • Lexmark
  • Datamax-O’Neil
  • Brother
  • NCR
  • IBM

Order Affordable and Reliable Certified-Refurbished Commercial Printers From DBK Concepts Today

It’s rare in business that you get the opportunity to improve productivity and save money in one stroke. DBK Concepts is waiting to give you that opportunity right now. We have the perfect printer option waiting for you, no matter what your goals are for your commercial printers. Networking, mobile printers, exclusive features — we can handle it all, and at a price that will do wonders for your budget.

If you’re ready to find out more about great, name-brand furbished commercial printers for your business, we can’t wait to talk to you. Contact DBK Concepts right now for assistance finding the perfect commercial printers for your business.