Mobile Technology Consultation

DBK Concepts is an industry leader in providing complete mobile data collection solutions capable of placing your business on the cutting edge. Whether you’re in the market for tablets and handheld computers, laptops, bar code scanners, POS Solutions or interactive digital signage, we have a complete inventory of new and Certified-Refurbished products to choose from. We also carry vehicle mount computers, printers, kiosks and wireless networking infrastructure solutions to meet your diverse needs.

The DBK team provides first-rate mobile technology consultation focused on helping your business achieve a favorable return on investment (ROI). Our expert team will deliver hardware agnostic recommendations formulated for your industry-specific applications and technology. We’ll carefully analyze your systems and environment, and make the most appropriate product recommendations from within our extensive inventory of mobile technology for sale.

Superior Value in Mobile Computers and Barcode Scanners

In order to deliver the most effective mobile technology consultation services, DBK maintains close relationships with the leading electronic bar code manufacturers. We partner with the most trusted names in mobile technology sales such as Honeywell, Intermec, Fujitsu, LXE, Motorola/Symbol and Zebra to ensure we have our finger on the pulse of the latest and most effective solutions.

DBK understands your need to stay on deadline and under budget. We leverage our impressive purchasing power in order to provide the lowest prices and cost-effective solutions. We’ll help your business be more productive and successful by:

Certified-Refurbished Mobile Computers, Barcode Scanners for Production and More

The standards of “Certified-Refurbished” can vary greatly from one mobile technology dealer to another. DBK Certified-Refurbished signifies a legacy product that has been expertly restored to like-new condition. In order for a mobile computer or barcode scanner for logistics to earn the DBK seal of approval, it first goes through multiple rigorous tests. Each piece of Certified-Refurbished AIDC mobile technology for sale has been analyzed and serviced to eliminate any hardware that fails to meet our lofty set of standards.

DBK Concepts also provides the broad capabilities to source and recondition just about any new or legacy AIDC unit. We offer a service contract option to help you get the most out of the mobile technology you’ve invested in. We not only service and repair all of our Certified-Refurbished hand-held and mobile computersbarcode scannersprinters and related products, but we also provide environmentally responsible recycling. With DBK, you can ensure your retired equipment is disposed of in a way that guards against liability, adheres to standards and never contributes to landfills.

Mobile Technology Consultations Based on Clear Communication

In the evolving world of mobile technology and modern business systems, even basic communications between parties can get lost in translation. With DBK, we stay on top of the latest trends in the industry to keep our customers thoroughly informed. We’ll not only make recommendations, but we’ll also demonstrate how and why the products and technologies make sense for your business.

DBK specializes in providing data collection technology for wireless bar code scanners for logistics, handheld mobile computersPOS Solutions, fleet management systems and wireless networking infractrutures. We’ll give you our unbiased, professional perspective on the strengths and limitations of your existing equipment, and we’ll illuminate the most current methods of data collection and security. As a cutting-edge mobile technology consultant, we provide:

Hardware Consultation Services

Receive direct knowledge and guidance on the complete range of products available to you. We’ll never just point out the newest, most expensive items. We’ll demonstrate cost-effective solutions based on your unique requirements.

System Design and Integration

Our experienced team will design a system that supports your needs, utilizing existing assets in association with value-added DBK products and services. Then, we’ll assist in seamlessly integrating your new system quickly and efficiently.

Software Integration

From recommending the latest versions of software that work with your mobile computers and barcode scanners to transferring and installing software, we provide everything you need for mobile technology consultation.

Staging and Kitting

We deliver end-to-end device deployment services including live support and user training. We’ll help ensure your mobile devices and related systems are deployed successfully and are ready to perform out-of-the-box.

Image/OS Transfer

The smooth transition to new devices requires successful image/OS transfer. We’ll provide the support you need to retain your vital data and easily access it on your replacement mobile computers and handheld devices.

Secure Implementation

DBK provides the structure to implement changes to your mobile technology in a secure environment. You’ll know your systems are secured and that your data remains under lock and key.

National Roll Out and Retrieval

 We offer equipment roll out and retrieval services to companies across North America. We also invite international organizations operating in the North American market the opportunity to reduce costs by taking advantage of our world-class repair services.

In addition to our extensive inventory of mobile technology for sale, we also offer expert support in installation, implementation and repair. Contact us today to take advantage of our value-added services including pre-sale consultation, network design, pilot programs, image flashing and more. We’ll help you build a bright new future utilizing the best mobile technology that suits your business and supports your goals.