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DBK Servers

DBK Concepts offers world-class servers from today’s leading companies including IBM, Dell, HP and Lenovo. Expand your operations or introduce your first server to make your operations more reliable and to allow your network to communicate.

Servers give your entire team the ability to talk, share, analyze and conduct business that requires a group effort. DBK offers new and Certified-Refurbished server hardware, as well as the connections and support equipment you’ll need to expand your operations and step into the modern work space.

Experience the Benefits to Your First Server

Computer servers offer a wide variety of benefits when first introduced into a system. For many companies, the first server simply replaces a single PC with networked storage, so it’s important to know the advantages of a dedicated server over a standard PC.

  • Server hardware is typically much better. The processors are more powerful, featuring multiple threads and cores, so that you can run multiple virtual machines on any single server with minimal changes in performance.
  • Servers can take advantage of scalable RAM technology and other performance enhancements. RAM on a server tends to have a higher capacity than a normal PC, and servers can use advanced options that automatically review and repair single-bit errors that can occur in RAM.
  • Connectivity becomes less of an issue thanks to server’s inherent support of remote users. It’s easy to add additional remote users through licensing and support more of your operations and a growing staff.
  • Hard drives on servers are larger and spin faster, plus have access to larger cache memory so that they can operate and return information much more quickly, as well as store larger amounts of data more efficiently.
  • Servers can all be maintained by a single user from a central location, and policies can be applied to all of your servers at once. This allows your IT team to develop governance and security policies, and then put them into place across all of your servers easily. They no longer need to move to each individual desktop to set things up.
  • Rack-mountable servers allow you to purchase multiple servers and install them in a single location. This takes up less physical space, while allowing you to quickly scale up capacity and capability. These racks don’t require monitors, keyboards or other interface technology, thanks to a server’s ability to be operated by remote.

Servers also provide your operations with an easy path to growth. Taking advantage of Microsoft Exchange Server, plus the innate technologies offered by OEMs like IBM, will allow you to expand as needed in any capacity, plus support the latest office tools and services.

Fulfill Your Server Needs With DBK

DBK Concepts is a leading partner of today’s top OEMs focused on server technology. We’ve built a strong reputation as a partner who can create value for businesses like yours by helping you expand operations and position yourself for future growth.

When you’re ready to give your business the operational boost it needs, contact DBK Concepts for help securing the right-sized server for today and tomorrow’s needs. We can walk you through the entire process and get you all of the equipment you need for a smart, affordable deployment.