Cipher Lab

Cipher Lab Barcode Scanner Repair

Barcode scanners keep your business running smoothly from the warehouse to your salesroom floor. They’re the lifeblood of making transactions, managing inventory and getting deliveries out on time. When a barcode scanner breaks or stops providing the right data to your equipment, all of that can come grinding to a halt.

Scanners that don’t return the proper data or produce errors in your management software can cause immediate sales losses and even send the wrong requests for orders. Those problems damage your reputation, efficiency of your operations and your cash flow. Solve them each and every time by working with DBK’s CipherLab barcode scanner repair services.

DBK knows how important speedy recovery is whenever you have a scanner problem, so we’ve set up a CipherLab barcode scanner repair center specifically designed to work on CipherLab products. Our experts are certified and capable of managing all of CipherLab’s products, from the latest to those end-of-life models still going strong.

Certified CipherLab Repair Center

CipherLab provides a variety of best-in-class scanners. DBK experts have worked with every major CipherLab family including its corded scanners, Bluetooth scanners and imagers, and rugged corded options common in warehouses. We also know the fixed terminals and software required to keep scanners operating properly.

Get back on track by using the DBK repair center designed to improve turnaround time. Our technicians and electricians are here to diagnose and repair CipherLab equipment right away. We work day and night on any CipherLab barcode scanner repair job as soon as it comes in, allowing us to provide turnaround times of 3 to 5 business days.

You know that inventory is the key to business success, and we do too. That’s why DBK maintains and manages a spare pool of CipherLab equipment repair and maintenance spares. When you send us a CipherLab barcode scanner for repair, we can send you a temporary replacement unit in as little as 24 hours.

Work with DBK and your operations don’t have to stop.

Start Your Repair Program Today

DBK offers a full suite of service plans designed to meet your specific budget and CipherLab scanner repair timetables. Consider a Flat-Rate Repair program when you have consistent repair needs or a Time-and-Materials plan to address simple and uncommon maintenance concerns.

Satisfy your needs no matter where you’re headquartered. Our repair and support team provides services and logistics for clients all across the globe whenever they need repairs in North America. No matter where your decision makers are, DBK is here to provide the local service you need.

Contact us for more information and for a free quote to see how much you’ll save with DBK’s certified repair services. Be sure to ask us about all of our repair programs and the 90-day warranty that comes on most of our work and equipment.