Handheld/Mobile Computers

Cutting-Edge Solutions in Handheld Technology

Whether your business is in trucking and transportation or retail and warehousing, DBK Concepts provides innovative solutions in mobile data-collection. We offer new and Certified-Refurbished handheld technology capable of helping your organization be more productive. As a reseller of everything from warehouse mobile computers to handheld devices for retail sales floors, we’re uniquely equipped to outfit your business with the equipment and technology it needs to succeed.

Handheld & Mobile Computers

intermec handheld computerIn a competitive marketplace, businesses that leverage technology to their advantage will be better positioned to succeed. Mobile barcode scanners and other handheld devices have the potential to improve efficiency and accuracy in a range of different applications. Handheld computers put up-to-the-minute information at your staff’s fingertips. They can also be used to improve accountability, increase transparency and gather business intelligence. Our extensive inventory of top-quality handheld computers for sale represents the best products in the industry. We carry handheld computers for inventory and a variety of mobile devices that are purpose-built for retail operations. You’ll find batch and wireless handheld technology from leading manufacturers including Honeywell, Denso, Cipher Lab, Metrologic and more. No matter the environment or application, we’ll help you identify the handheld computers with the power to streamline the way you run your business.

Mobile/Handheld Technology Consulting Servicess

We also supply complete solutions in handheld technology for industries including healthcare, retail, shipping and logistics, industrial warehousing, trucking/DSD and distribution management. Utilizing handheld technology in business provides the following competitive advantages:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Fluid team-wide communication
  • Timesaving task automation
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Accuracy in ordering and inventory management
  • Secure mobile data collection
  • Industry-specific regulatory compliance

Some industries that can benefit from incorporating handheld computers into their workflows include:

Warehouses and shipping centers

Warehousing and logistics all require advanced situational awareness. From tracking a package to anticipating when an item needs restocking, handheld technology makes it easy for staff on the floor to perform basic tasks and gain critical insights.Zebra mobile pritner

Retail operations

Retailers can use handheld computers to keep inventory and pricing information up-to-date. They are particularly useful in larger operations or multi-store franchises where communication between staff is a time-consuming process.

Service and utilities

Mobile computers are beneficial for service technicians, cable installers, utility crews and any other job that involves remote work. Use a mobile computer to access customer information on-the-go, log repairs and monitor site conditions, among other things.

Trucking and transportation

Trucking, transportation and delivery companies face tight bottom lines and an increasing need for efficiency. Mobile computers can assist with route mapping and driver logging. They can also help you serve customers better by allowing drivers to access delivery instructions, address changes and other requests.

When it comes to handheld computers and mobile barcode scanners, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Different technologies are better-suited to different tasks and industries. That’s why it’s so important to work with a supplier you can trust.

Handheld Devices for Retail

Mobile technology is a key element in the ability of retail outlets to provide faster service and increase worker productivity. Mobile handhelds and computers, including hand carry devices and wearable technology, improve your ability to serve your customers and achieve organizational synchronicity.

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Handheld Computers for Inventory

Our complete range of handheld computers has the power to bring true innovation to managing inventory. Devices such as portable data terminals, tablets, wearable technology and handheld mobile units can impact all facets of your operation — from picking and receiving to stock replenishment and packing and shipping.

Warehouse Mobile Computers

Productivity in industries like trucking, distribution and product importing is directly linked to warehousing efficiency. We feature a complete line of mobile computers for sale that are built to withstand the physical challenges of the warehouse environment. Whether you’re checking inventory levels or allocating equipment and resources on the fly, warehouse mobile computers provide the advanced capabilities and user flexibility to positively impact your bottom line.

DBK: The Name to Trust in New and Certified-Refurbished Handheld Technology

DBK Concepts has built a proud reputation as a value-added reseller of handheld devices for retail, shipping, logistics and countless other industries. We’ve build strategic relationships with leading manufacturers of mobile devices and handheld computers in order to provide the products you need along with the expert support to maximize your investments.

Working With DBK Concepts

Whether your business is in trucking and transportation or retail and warehousing, DBK Concepts can provide innovative mobile data collection solutions. We offer new and certified refurbished handheld technology capable of helping your organization improve its productivity and enhance quality control.

As a reseller of everything from warehouse mobile computers to handheld devices for retail sales floors, we’re uniquely equipped to outfit your business with the equipment and technology it needs to succeed.

We also back up everything we sell with nationwide installation assistance and customer support. We provide full turnkey service that includes supplying you with the best products and assisting with the implementation and rollout of your new technology to ensure it goes smoothly.

If you’re ready to give your business productivity a boost with the power of modern handheld technology, contact DBK Concepts today. We’ll help assess your needs, and identify the mobile computers and handheld devices that are built to tackle your specific applications.