Healthcare Scanners

Honeywell Healthcare Scanners

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and medical facility operations and management, it pays to be on the forefront of technology. Honeywell provides a diverse range of products and solutions to meet modern challenges, including a world-class lineup of healthcare scanners and area imagers.

As the leader in data collection and mobile handheld technology, DBK Concepts has strategic relationships with the most prominent manufacturers in the industry. We carry an impressive inventory of Honeywell healthcare scanners that are built to your specific applications.

Our expert consultants will even partner with you to assess your current systems and provide the comprehensive scanning solutions capable of boosting overall productivity.

Healthcare Scanners That Solve Challenges in Data Collection

Honeywell healthcare scanners are essential tools that help facilities around the globe remain safe, compliant and on the cutting edge. They allow healthcare professional to better serve patients and operate more efficiently. They are used in applications ranging from admissions, point of care and pharmacy to material management and laboratory work.

Our featured healthcare scanners include:

Captuvo SL42H

An enterprise sled for iPhone 5th generation products, the Captuvo SL42h utilizes smartphone technology to enhance patient safety while reducing operating costs. It’s essentially a high-tech case for the fifth generation Apple iPhone that adds an integrated barcode scanner for aggressive scanning of linear and 2D barcodes. Sterile housing protects employees and patients from the spread of diseases while guarding the handheld device from the physical rigors of the healthcare environment. Additional features include streamlined communications, maximal charging properties, and Remote MasterMind Software for more efficient fleet management.

An innovative healthcare area imager, the Xenon 1900h sets the bar for hand-held scanning in the industry. Units feature custom image sensors for precision barcode scanning. The Xenon 1900h is a laser-free solution that cuts costs relating to product safety training. It also includes durable housing that maintains performance under heavy use in the presence of harmful cleaning agents and chemicals. Scanners come with Remote MasterMind Management Software that allows for complete fleet management from a single remote location.

Xenon 1902

A wireless area-imager, the Xenon 1902h features a proprietary sensor configured for high-throughput barcode scanning. The Xenon 1902h offers simple controls, a comfortable ergonomic feel, and small stature designed for healthcare and pharmacy applications. It delivers exceptional performance and reliability powered by a long-lasting lithium-Ion battery with tool-free access. Additional attributes include a vertical base for minimum footprint, flexible radio power management and laser-free Class l LED illumination.

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