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Driving Innovation to meet customer expectations in everything we touch

Elo Touch Solutions is a premier global supplier of touch solutions including touchscreen components, touchmonitors, and all-in-one (AiO) touchcomputers. With multiple touchscreen technology options, including surface acoustic wave (SAW), resistive, projected capacitive, acoustic pulse recognition (APR), infrared (IR), and optical, Elo touch solutions meet the diverse requirements of digital signage, retail, point-of-sale (POS), hospitality, medical/healthcare IT, industrial, and consumer. A pioneer in the industry with over 40 years of experience, Elo brings quality, innovation, and integrity to everything we touch.


With great image clarity and impeccable touch response, the touchscreen monitor is great for many applications, including retail, government and restaurant use. Designed with sleek angles, it enhances the modernity of any business or organization.

Helpful for a range of industries, you might use digital signage to update information in an apartment complex or display a client’s order in a furniture store. Whatever the industry, this technology improves the engagement with your customer and the accuracy of digital information.

If you’re looking for a reliable touch response technology for your customers, our open-frame touchmonitors are a fantastic solution. They come in a variety of sizes and brightnesses so you can pick the technology that fits your operation perfectly.

Suited for retail and hospitality industries, all-in-one touch computers encourage fast, positive interactions with your customers. Easy to clean and built for commercial jobs, this technology helps you deliver stellar customer service with the swipe of a finger.

A practical solution to your touchscreen needs, the surface acoustic wave is a touch technology that has great clarity and sensitivity. It’s designed to sense the touch of a bare hand, gloved hand or stylus. It perceives the location and pressure of a single touch.

Accutouch touchscreens contain a resistive technology that endures millions of touches. With a rear glass layer, this screen will provide an accurate touch response and last a long time.

This touchscreen solution provides high clarity and touch durability. It comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit your industry.

This Elo single-touch technology makes your devices reliable and easy to integrate into your industry.

A dependable touch technology, IR provides a clear visual and scratch-resistance.


  • Digital signage
  • Retail
  • Point of sale
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare/Medical
  • IT
  • Industrial
  • Consumer


If your touch screen monitor is malfunctioning, you can trust DBK Concepts for proper device restorations. We offer reliable work from over 100 professional technicians and experienced electrical engineers.Once we receive your equipment, we will fix it, clean it and send it back. We’ll even package it with custom-shaped foam insulation for protection. We also offer personalized service contracts to accommodate the needs of your equipment. Choose or create a plan with us that gives you access to a range of benefits, such as parts, emergency repair services and fast shipping.


Whether you want a refurbished touchscreen or new acoustic pulse recognition technology, Elo is the way to go. When you choose to work with Elo products, you don’t just get quality equipment. You benefit from a commitment to innovation and reliability. Elo is the original company to invent the touchscreen, with a portfolio of 400 patents. Elo products are commercial-grade and built to endure tough conditions.When you partner with us, you’ll receive industry-leading guidance, excellent customer service and durable touchscreen technology that lasts ten years or more.


A quick and simple way to add touch capability to an existing system. Multifunction desktops offer integrated or add-on peripherals, such as magnetic stripe readers, customer displays, fingerprint readers, speaker bars, and/or barcode scanners. Some touchmonitors are designed specifically for the medical market.