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The Motorola MC9090 Scanner works as a handheld mobile computer and is best for indoor use. The MC9090 offers advanced data capture options and integrated LAN/WAN wireless connectivity. It is a light, ergonomic model that is sure to increase your business’ efficiency.

About DBK's Certifed-Refurbished MC9090 Scanners

DBK Concepts sells DBK-Certified-Refurbished Symbol (Motorola) MC9090 terminals. Our Certified-Refurbished MC9090 units are repaired to like-new condition. Each and every Symbol Motorola MC9090 device is tested in our Quality Control Department and is shipped in a custom, foam-in-place shipping container. DBK-Certified-Refurbished Symbol (Motorola) MC9090 devices also come with a warranty to ensure your satisfaction. We have Symbol Motorola MC9090 units in stock and can work with your configuration needs. To request a quote for DBK-Certified Certified-Refurbished MC9090 terminals, please CLICK HERE.

Our refurbishment process at DBK includes the highest quality control standards in the industry. Our refurbishing process includes inspection, a wide range of diagnostics, software analysis and quality control testing in order to send you a quality, working product.

DBK provides two levels of DBK Certified-Refurbished Products to provide additional options to our customers and cut back on down time. At DBK, we do have a zero-landfill policy and have environmentally responsible recycling and disposal services for handheld scanners and printers. Our refurbishing process includes inspection, diagnostics, software and quality control testing while providing immaculate cleaning, custom foam packaging, Certified-Refurbished batteries and quick turnaround.

In addition to refurbishing Symbol Motorola MC9090 units, DBK offers a host of Staging, Configuration and roll-out services to make sure your Symbol Motorola MC9090 Refurbished Scanner device is in the right place at the right time with the right settings. You will be able to track the progress of your Certified-Refurbished MC9090 terminals through our proprietary web-portal, ServTrack. With over 20 years in business, DBK is your best choice for Certified-Refurbished MC9090 computers.

DBK Concepts understands your business needs for saving money, being environmentally responsible and, most importantly, ensuring your operation runs smoothly into the future. That’s why we have offered high quality Certified-Refurbished barcode scanners and extended warranties to our customers for the past 22 years.

Common Repair Issues

The MC9090 is well known as a reliable barcode scanner. However, with heavy-duty industrial use, even the best-designed equipment will require periodic service. Some issues have easy fixes, while others need professional service. Here’s a quick guide to some of the more common problems experienced by MC9090 users. If following these tips doesn’t resolve the issue, contact DBK Concepts for assistance to configure your scanner.

Touch Screen Not Working

If your MC9090’s touch screen isn’t working, it’s likely due to a damaged or malfunctioning digitizer. Try calibrating the screen by pressing the blue Alpha button in the middle of the keypad, followed by the ESC or ENT key in the upper left corner. This will open the calibration screen and reset the digitizer.

Laser Not Working

There are many reasons why an MC9090’s laser will stop working, causing it to experience difficulty scanning items. First, check to make sure the Datawedge program is loaded on the device. If not, download the application from Motorola, connect your MC9090 to a PC and install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Device Won’t Charge

An MC9090 that won’t charge may be the result of wear and tear to any of several components. To rule out issues with the charger itself, try connecting a different device. Narrowing the problem to either the charger or handheld unit will expedite the repair process

Low Backup Battery

The “Low Backup Battery” message indicates that the backup battery on your MC9090 is due for replacement. An authorized technician is required to perform this service — contact DBK Concepts to request assistance.

Keypad/Keyboard Not Working

If your MC9090’s keypad isn’t working, first try cold booting the device using the steps listed above. If that doesn’t work, you can attempt to re-seat the keypad. To do this, first power off the device. Then, remove the keypad using the screws under the display. Check for any damage, dust or debris, then slide the keypad back in and screw it in place. Cold boot the device and try the keypad again.

Device Stuck on Boot Screen

It is not uncommon for an MC9090 to get stuck on the boot screen. If this is the case, cold boot the device and see if that resolves the problem.

Device Will Not Turn On

When an MC9090 won’t turn on, the first culprit is usually the battery. Check that your device is fully charged, or swap it out for another unit. You should also make sure the battery is installed correctly and perform a warm boot by holding down the power button for six seconds.

Device Stuck on Warm Boot/Cold Boot Steps

If your MC9090 is stuck in a warm boot loop, you will need to perform a cold boot. To cold boot your MC9090, first partially eject the battery using the battery release button. Then, press and hold the trigger and power buttons simultaneously. Reinsert the battery and release the trigger and hold buttons. This will initiate the MC9090’s cold boot process.

No Bluetooth Devices Can Be Found

If your MC9090 can’t find any Bluetooth devices, make sure all devices are in range, turned on and set to discoverable. Check your unit’s settings to ensure their proper configuration. If the issue isn’t related to your software or setup, it may be a hardware failure.

Device Does Not Accept Scan Input

Finally, if your MC9090 does not accept scan input, first check the barcode you are trying to scan to ensure it is clean and undamaged. If your device won’t scan any barcodes, try charging the battery. You may also wish to check and make sure you have the correct scanning application loaded.

MC9090 Maintenance Solutions

Support for the now-discontinued Symbol-Motorola MC9090 is set to end in the future. However, DBK Concepts will provide ongoing repairs for our customers. We will continue to offer Symbol-Motorola MC9090 maintenance plans as well as affordable and convenient repair options.

Motorola MC9090 Repairs by DBK-Certified Technicians

With over $1 Million dollars of parts in our inventory, DBK-Certified technicians are capable of repairing your used MC9090 models and returning them within days. We have several standard depot contracts but can customize them to meet your needs. Our Symbol (Motorola) MC9090 repairs are unparalleled in the industry. With flexible turn around times, board level repairs and a team of over 130 technicians and 15 electrical engineers, DBK is here to keep your Symbol (Motorola) MC9090 devices in tip-top shape. By maintaining a spare pool of your units at DBK, we can even provide a Depot Express option that will get you a replacement Symbol Motorola MC9090 in just 24 hours.

At DBK, we have been repairing a variety of brand name data collection products for 22 years. See how our depot repair programs can benefit you! Contact us today for a free quote.

DBK also purchases Symbol Motorola MC9090 devices to populate our inventory as well as to use for parts. If you have used Symbol (Motorola) MC9090 units that you would like to sell, please CLICK HERE for a quote. Please include as much information as you can on the Symbol Motorola MC9090 unit including the part number and configuration if possible.

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