Honeywell Logistics Products and Technology

In the fast-paced, modern digital marketplace, businesses face considerable challenges to meet the heightened demands of consumer expectations. You either keep your business on the cutting edge or run the risk of falling behind the competition.

By utilizing a combination of mobile technology and complete system solutions, it’s possible to overhaul your logistics operations to the tune of faster response, greater productivity and improved customer care.

Implement Honeywell Technology

Honeywell handheld mobile devices and related technology help businesses ranging from retail sales to healthcare and medical. In an environment where every second counts, having the tools that allow your staff to get more done with less is invaluable. Honeywell multi-purpose mobile handhelds, barcode scanners, printers and other logistics products promote:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced customer service capabilities
  • Increased order and stock picking accuracy
  • Interdepartmental coordination
  • Task automation
  • Revenue generation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Accurate inventory management

Logistics Tools for an Increasingly Mobile Workforce

Honeywell logistics products are built to address the evolving needs of businesses everywhere. All around the world, logistics departments are deploying increasing numbers of mobile workers. Providing the tools they need to tackle various applications on the go while staying connected is essential to continued growth and success.

Honeywell logistics solutions and location-based technology will help you save money by improving workflow, operational efficiency and return on investment (ROI).

An Authorized Dealer of Honeywell Logistics Products

At DBK Concepts, we specialize in delivering and developing complete, mobile data-collection solutions for logistics applications. DBK is an authorized, value-added reseller of Honeywell products designed to bring innovation to the systems that connect your people, facilities and supplies.

We not only offer all the barcode scanners, mobile handheld computers and terminals, and mobile and industrial printers you require, but we also have the expertise to help you implement the latest technology into your operations.

We provide a wide variety of rugged handheld and mobile computers to meet the needs of your diverse applications. Our inventory includes:

An indoor/outdoor mobile computer with cutting-edge wireless technology, user-friendly ergonomics and multi-functional data capture capabilities.

A small, yet durable, mobile computer that provides ruggedness, duty cycle and ergonomics to increase agility and workplace efficiency.

Industry-leading battery performance, a large 4-inch display and O/S versatility highlight the attributes of this powerful Honeywell mobile computer.

A hybrid mobile device that combines size, style and usability to meet the challenges of the unpredictable environment of modern logistics.

Contact DBK Concepts today to browse our inventory of Honeywell logistics products.