Mobile Printers

Intermec Mobile Printers by Honeywell

Honeywell products help companies around the world face the ever-evolving challenges of the modern marketplace. And Intermec mobile printers by Honeywell bring high-speed performance everywhere your business takes you.

These energy-efficient mobile printing solutions are built to last under the harshest work environments. You’ll find a wide selection of models and configurations to match your unique application. As an authorized Honeywell product dealer and technology consultant, DBK provides access to a broad selection of mobile printers.

Vehicle Mount/Wearable Mobile Printers

Our line of innovative Intermec mobile receipt printers offers increased productivity with rugged durability. Our inventory includes the fastest PB21 two-inch receipt printer, PB31 three-inch receipt printer and the PB42 four-inch wireless portable receipt printer.

Applications include pre-sale labeling, merchandising, postal pedestrian work, LTL supervising and meter reading. Whether you’re in the field or on the road, Honeywell vehicle mount and wearable mobile printers are built to accommodate your needs.

Wearable Receipt Printers

Wearable receipt printers are the perfect fit for a mobile workforce looking for all-day comfort and productivity. The PR2/PR3 mobile receipt printer features a lightweight design, compact two-inch or three-inch profile (respectively), and invoice printing and secure-payment capture capabilities. They’re the fastest, lightest and most durable mobile printers in their class.

Additional features of the PR series include a simple LED user interface, remote management and health monitoring, and integrated, PCI-compatible MSR with AES encryption. Applications range from field sales and merchandising to price-sensitive tracking and logistics and light-duty field service.

Vehicle Mount/Hand Carry Printers

DBK carries both mobile workboard printers and mobile full-page printers that can be mounted in vehicles or carried in hand. The PW50 four-inch receipt printer provides system integration with CN3/3e, CN4/4e and CN70/70e Honeywell mobile computers. It is optimized for DSD, home delivery and field service work.

Features include:

  • long battery life
  • High-speed electronics
  • integrated DEX communications with in-store computer systems

The PW50 6822 mobile full-page printer delivers exceptional precision printing of receipts, invoices, load reports and routing documentation. It comes in both portable and fixed-mount configurations and features optional HHC holders and docks for Intermec CN3/e, CN4/e and CN70/e mobile computers. Benefits include fast print times, 512k flash memory, and easy loading of up to 3-ply paper.

Contact DBK Concepts today for additional product information on our complete line of Intermec mobile printers by Honeywell.