Software Development

Software Development

Today’s marketplace is more demanding and more competitive than ever before. Companies are under constant pressure to increase efficiencies, improve productivity and customer satisfaction without driving up costs. With competition driving down margins and customer expectations increasing, it has become more important than ever to utilize your assets and resources to their fullest without abandoning the ever increasing demand for newer technology. We at DBK aim to do just that!

Our offer is simple – we adapt our services to your needs. From a software perspective, we will write the necessary code to interface your newer technology with your older technology, and add those features you deem necessary to conduct your business. We can also pour over your old legacy code to convert it to a newer platform. And of course, if you need a customized application written for your business need we can also do that.

If installing a new software solution is what you need, we can help you in that area as well. With our independent software vendors we can offer many solutions to streamline your business from warehouse management systems, to route accounting, to direct store delivery systems to a telematics solution to track your fleet.

We can also provide the correct hardware for your software needs. We are a value added reseller for best of breed data collection OEMs. Our company also has over 130 technical benches. We support many hardware platforms extending the life of the product beyond the manufacturer’s end of life date. This allows our customers to take advantage of consolidation for software and hardware, and increase the overall savings of rolling out a new project by bundling all their services under the umbrella of DBK.

Over the years DBK has written many software applications for companies like Ryder, United Airlines, Claire’s Boutiques, Food Lion, and the list goes on…. See case studies here.


Mobile Device Management
Custom Application Creation
  • Application Design
  • Specifications
  • Coding
  • C, C++, VB, .NET and many more
  • Debugging
  • Integration

Application Editing
  • Enable Communications Between New and Legacy Equipment and Applications
  • Editing Existing Applications to Customize to the Clients’ Needs

Application Migration
  • Transfer Applications From Legacy to New Equipment

Software Solutions
  • Developing Relationships with ISVs to Offer Specific Vertical Solutions