Honeywell Product Solutions

New and Certified-Refurbished Honeywell Mobility Solutions

For over 125 years, Honeywell has been responsible for innovation and continuous improvement in consumer, corporate, and industrial products and technology.

The quality of its solutions and technologies has been a driving force behind countless successful businesses. Whether you work in healthcare, retail, logistics, or any number of industries, Honeywell provides the barcode scanners, mobile computers and mobile printers that help your company achieve productivity and growth.

DBK Concepts is proud to offer a broad selection of Honeywell scanners and mobility solutions that represent the most comprehensive portfolio in the industry. We carry purpose-driven mobility hardware for retail locations, distribution centers, hospitals, hazardous locations, and others. Plus, our close relationship with the manufacturer and our Honeywell knowledge makes us perfectly positioned to serve as consultants capable of modernizing your businesses while saving you money.

Industries We Serve

The number of fields we can serve with Honeywell products is virtually unlimited. That said, we’re proud to highlight the effectiveness of Honeywell products in industries such as:

Among the many convenient features of Honeywell products for the healthcare industry, portable scanners allow doctors and nurses to instantly scan patients for critical health information while protecting their privacy and not exposing that data to any unwanted parties.

Working in the field is all about mobility, and new or certified refurbished Honeywell products from DBK Concepts will allow your company to control logistics from the field more easily than ever before, for areas such as data collection, routing services, and task allocation.

Barcodes and barcode readers are standard equipment in today’s retail operations, and thanks to our Honeywell product solutions, you can afford to have the highest quality of both in your retail business.

Honeywell scanners, printers, and other mobility solutions will make it easy for you to streamline your logistics, as you can record, read and share information from just about anywhere along the supply chain.

If you work in distribution or trucking, you already know that handheld scanners and mobile computers are invaluable. Why not invest in the best scanning and mobility technology available? Honeywell product solutions can make your inventory control, shipping and receiving along with other elements of your operation run more smoothly and reliably.

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