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Honeywell Products From DBK Concepts

For over 125 years, Honeywell has been responsible for innovation and continuous improvement in consumer, corporate, and industrial products and technology.

The quality of its solutions and technologies has been a driving force behind countless successful businesses. Whether you work in healthcare, retail, logistics or any number of industries, Honeywell provides the barcode scanners, mobile computers and mobile printers that help your company achieve productivity and growth.

DBK Concepts is proud to offer a broad selection of Honeywell scanners and mobility solutions that represent the most comprehensive portfolio in the industry. We carry purpose-driven mobility hardware for retail locations, distribution centers, hospitals, hazardous locations and others. Plus, our close relationship with the manufacturer and our Honeywell knowledge makes us perfectly positioned to serve as consultants capable of modernizing your businesses while saving you money.

Featured Honeywell Product Categories

healthcare and medical industry

Honeywell products for the healthcare industry include facilities and operations, manufacturing and hospital infrastructure. Honeywell scanners in our inventory include the Xenon 1900 and Xenon 1902 scanners, Captuvo SL42h enterprise sled for Apple iPhone5, the durable and accessible Dolphin 7800HC, and the larger format Dolphin 99EXhc handheld computers.

Healthcare & Medical
field service industry

Honeywell scanners and mobile terminals for field services represent the best in durability and advanced capabilities. Our line of handhelds for field services ranged from the rugged Android-compatible CN51 handheld with 4’’ display to the Captuvo enterprise sled for Apple products. We also offer the Dolphin 7800, 70e Black and D60 handhelds to tackle a variety of fieldwork applications.

Field Services
retail sales industry

We carry the Honeywell scanners and hand-held devices capable of revolutionizing your retail operations. Choose from the simple and inexpensive Dolphin 6110, larger screen CK3X with alpha numeric keyboard, Captuvo scanner, credit card reader and mobile device for iOS products, and the ultra-rugged Dolphin 70e Black scan phone.

Retail Sales
logistics industry

Modernize your logistics department with the latest Honeywell handheld technology. We carry the UPS- and USPS-compatible Dolphin 99EX handheld computer, the durable CN51, the Dolphin 70e Black rugged scan phone, and the ultra-rugged CN70 with WEH 6.5 and 3.5’’ display.

trucking industry

Honeywell scanners and mobility products bring modern efficiency to the trucking industry and direct store delivery (DSD) operations. We carry an assortment of barcode scanners, mobile computers, vehicle mount computers, and complete software and unified system solutions.

Barcode Scanner Repair Services at DBK

Unlock the efficiency of your distribution center with a selection of Honeywell handhelds, tablets, desktops and more. Our Honeywell consultants will point you to the most efficient tools and technology available in our inventory.

Distribution Centers

Honeywell Products for RFID and Automation Services

Honeywell RFID-capable scanners and handhelds are built to deliver radio frequency identification (RFID) and automated data collection. We have a variety of products for real-time item inventory and advanced data collection that help maximize your profitability.

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Shop our complete selection of Honeywell scanners, handhelds and electronics — or contact DBK for additional information. We have the essential modern technology for industries ranging from retail and warehousing to healthcare and medical. Our cost-effective product solutions and insightful Honeywell consultant services provide the technology your business needs to compete in the modern marketplace.

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