Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

We no longer live in a desktop world, and application development must be mobile to reach your growing workforce. Employees and consumers both expect an app experience similar to what they have on iPhones and Android phones, which is why you need a well-designed application to meet those demands on the devices your audience loves.

Management of information and security across a wide range of devices also requires a strong mobile device management platform to control access and information. With DBK Concepts, you’ll benefit from best-in-class mobile device management vendors for:

  • Custom Application Creation
  • Application Editing
  • Application Migration
  • Software Solutions

Mobile device management leaders can bolster your offerings by introducing analytics and automatic reporting to your warehousing and inventory management. It’s an essential part of a modern supply chain with tracking and visibility across a larger warehouse management system. You can take full advantage of hardware and software consolidation with a service bundling from DBK Concepts that includes some of the best MDM software on the market.

What Is an MDM Software Solution?

Mobile device management software injects safety and reliability into your network by allowing IT departments to manage, monitor, secure and lock employee mobile devices regardless of service providers and operating systems.

Incorporating MDM software solutions allows you to reach users on their preferred devices, so you can adopt a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) atmosphere and allow your customers to offer the same to their employees. When you expand your reach by enabling BYOD management within your application, you can also save your customers money by providing support for existing infrastructure, scanners and employee equipment.

MDM software solutions can also support multiple platforms, such as moving beyond iOS and Android to the Linux OS used by RFID readers and barcode scanners. When you deploy a solution from MDM software companies such as Wavelink and Soti, you’ll get a comprehensive dashboard to control how each element of your network interacts with mobile devices and how permissions are handled.

Wavelink MDM Software

MDM software solutions from Wavelink provide your network with control over each element in your wireless system with support for barcode scanners, printers and many other peripherals beyond smartphones and tablets.

Wavelink has a robust portfolio of mobile device management software. The Avalanche Mobility Center is often viewed as a top-of-the-line MDM software because of its wide-ranging device support and ability to automatically detect and secure new hardware that gets added to your network.

When you incorporate mobile device management vendors like Wavelink into your DBK software development, your network and applications will operate smoothly even as mobile devices change throughout the years.

Soti Mobile Device Management

MDM software solutions from Soti also focus on providing end-to-end protection across the entire lifecycle of your mobile assets. You’ll experience deep security and network integration with applications, while performing high-end business analytics from your asset management control panel.

Soti has earned its reputation as one of the best MDM software providers because of the ease of scaling its integrated solutions. With automation for routine tasks such as logins and new-device activations, Soti allows you to develop specific alerts and notifications for new interactions and engagements.

The DBK Concepts Difference

DBK Concepts is working with mobile device management leaders to deliver and develop a complete mobile data-collection solution that works across almost any deployment. We have experience building for wireless hardware with back-end integration and analytics, which ensures you’ll always get a top-notch application specific to your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about your app development, as well as additional support for legacy products, barcode printing and hardware.