In an effort to better serve our customers, DBK has become an Authorized RFID Partner with both Intermec and Zebra meaning we have gained special expertise to offer their specific products. DBK also offers RFID products from other manufacturers like LXE and Skeye as well.

RFID Readers, Tags, and Other Equipment

For warehouse managers, RFID tags, sensors and gates can allow the tracking of items as they move from intake through storage and final distribution. Depending on picking and packaging, tracking can occur on the per-item level. With RFID reading equipment placed in each major stage of your operations, you’ll gain visibility and have enough data to analyze for real-time tracking as well as business insight in ways to reduce losses, improve product picking and create a smarter workflow.

On the distribution side, RFID technology can be used to ensure proper delivery, increase the speed of delivery and reduce overall costs. RFID tagging and gating allows for your back-end to optimize storage, packing and logistics for dispatch. Sharing this tag information with your end partners and customers yields greater accountability and can automate some of your intake and verification processes, as well.

Explore RFID vs. Barcodes

The RFID technology at DBK Concepts can work with traditional barcode equipment, and replace much of it as well. Both are used to scan and track goods as they move throughout your operations, but RFID technology does not require a direct line of sight or scan to be read.

Barcode readers require clear optics and have a much shorter range. However, barcodes are typically unchangeable in the system, which means there is less of a chance that information can be replaced or duplicated — though RFID tags can be changed and reused to prevent waste or increased costs.

Improve Your Operations With DBK Concepts RFID Technology

DBK Concepts is your authorized RFID partner with Honeywell and Zebra, also offering a variety of support equipment from LXE, Skeye, and Fujitsu. We can supply your entire operation with full gating and tagging systems, plus all of the dynamic reading and scanning equipment you need for a robust warehousing or distribution network.

Never lose sight of your goods again, thanks to RFID’s real-time capabilities. Contact us today to see how DBK Concepts can meet your needs.