Wireless Network/Storage

Wireless Network/Storage

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Wireless Network Storage Devices

Give your team and your network the boost they need for efficient operations that give access to all and don’t run out of space when you need it the most. DBK Concepts offers you all of the networking gear you need for wireless storage and attached units.

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Benefits of Wireless Networked Storage

Wireless networking connections provide your business with a variety of wins in both capabilities and cost. Cheaper deployments and storage settings are available because you’re using less equipment, wiring fewer buildings and limiting the maintenance budget that’s needed to keep your network running.

Other key benefits of wireless networked storage include:

  • It’s easy to link this storage to cloud environments and access points, so you may store it on hardware that you own but provide an access path to any worker with the right credentials.
  • You still own the data and can control it like any other network attached storage options — this just provides you with broader wireless support.
  • Simple backup and replacement, where systems can dynamically back up and shift content as it is used.
  • A more affordable option even when compared to the cloud, if you’re using a large amount of storage. Enterprises turn to wireless networked storage because they quickly surpass storage limits and there’s no annual charge just for space when you maintain your own wireless equipment.

Using It in Your Network

Wireless network storage is often added to infrastructure and networks that combine existing wired and wireless equipment. Legacy infrastructure is typically a blend of old and new, with limitations based on what’s available in a local setting.

Wireless network storage can boost even your legacy equipment by freeing up storage and moving computing needs, which will stop an older PC or server from bogging down your network. Network storage removes the requirement that you download large files locally, and your systems only need to process data. You only need the space to manage files and folders when they’re being accessed.

Free up space when you need it, simply by closing down programs after you’ve saved changes to the content that you’re managing. Plus, there’s no more need to burn an optical disc, carry around flash drives or keep spare hard drives with your laptop.

Make it easier on your team by giving them access to all of the network assets they need without having to carry and work to maintain local storage. Every update, every change and every new file will be right at their fingertips when you work with DBK Concepts to give everyone access via wireless networked storage.

Make the Most of Your Storage with DBK

DBK Concepts is an authorized distributor of network-attached and wireless network storage options from Cisco, HP, IBM, Dell, Lenovo and much more. We offer all of the gear you need to expand your wireless network and sync your storage options for a more effective solution.

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