POS Solutions

POS Solutions

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Point-of-sale terminals are replacing cash registers for good reason: They’re cost-effecient and more effective, while delivering you the data you need to build your operations. Modern machinery allows you to link back to your entire inventory and sales data to manage operations.

DBK Concepts stocks specific POS transaction terminals customized to meet your unique business operations. We offer a variety of new and Certified-Refurbished POS equipment. Our experts can help you select the right models for your system based on your needs, volume, software and much more.

POS System Distributors for Your Industry


Give your sales force access to your entire inventory with robust management from POS system distributors like DBK Concepts. Make the sales and moves you need while allowing financial teams to generate reports and showcase how your business is running.

Field Services

Link up with mobile POS transaction terminals to meet your customers where they are and deliver the exact parts and services they need, with no waiting.


Modernize your entire logistics team so that you can brings the goods that users need and tie this to your retail backend. There’s no need to be tied down by any traditional register.

Trucking and Distribution

Direct store delivery and other distribution can support POS transaction terminals and help you reduce errors at the distribution site. Ensure inventory is properly delivered and checked so that you can keep profits high.

Where You Win With POS Transaction Terminals

Point of sale systems are the modern, connected cash register that lets you control your entire operation, from revenue understanding to inventory, to stocks and future forecasts. You can use a POS to look up your transactions to understand how your business is growing, and even decide where it should grow in the future.

Build purchase orders, speed up sales and see details on the entire process. The latest POS innovations from brands like Dap, Opticon, Cipher Lab and more will even help you automate the process to speed up credit card acceptance and continued orders.

And perhaps the best news of all is that modern POS systems are not only easier for your employees to operate, but can also save you money by reducing maintenance costs compared to cash registers.

Benefits at a Glance

Point-of-sale technology has the potential to transform the way you do business. Organizations that embrace change early will be better-positioned to make the improvements to their operation that will drive its ongoing growth and success. Some of the main benefits of point-of-sale technology include:

Increased accuracy

The biggest benefit of POS for businesses is the ability to access up-to-the-minute information about your inventory or staff activity. Workers in retail facilities can use a POS terminal to see what’s in stock at any given moment. Restaurants and other service providers can use them to view scheduled appointments and reservations. This helps staff on the floor manage daily operations and respond to evolving situations more effectively.


Another advantage of point-of-sale technology is its potential for streamlining your workflow and improving staff productivity. Properly deployed, POS systems can provide a level of situational awareness you can’t get from traditional scheduling and inventory management tools. They are highly useful for franchises and multi-site operations that rely on immediate access to business data.

A better customer experience

POS technology isn’t just good for workers. Ultimately, when staff can do their jobs more effectively, it’s the customer that benefits. Point-of-sale terminals improve order accuracy and help clients get better answers to their questions faster. In doing so, they’ll gain a positive impression of your business that can drive loyalty and lead to repeat sales.

Sophisticated reporting and auditing tools

Point-of-sale technology has long-term benefits, too. Use it to track inventory and sales data over time. In doing so, you can learn more about who your customers are, what they want and how they shop. Point-of-sale terminals also increase transparency and can help you identify employee behaviors that cost you money or impact the quality of service you offer your clients.

To enjoy the above benefits of a point-of-sale solution, you need to match the technology with your business requirements. For this reason, it’s critical to work with a knowledgeable partner who can provide full-service support with purchasing, installation and rollout.

DBK Concepts: Your Go-To POS System Distributor

DBK Concepts has made a name for itself among POS system distributors by offering stellar devices from top brands. Click on any of the logos above to get right to the system that will run your business smoothly and efficiently.

Or, if you’re in need of help determining what fits your business, contact DBK Concepts right away. We’ll help you find the exact models that work with your systems and create a strategic partnership that will help you grow your business, reduce operational costs and expand your effectiveness now.