Honeywell Handheld Scanners

Honeywell Handheld Computers

As a leader in mobile data-collection solutions, DBK Concepts focuses on providing the products and technology to help your business succeed. We’re a reseller of Honeywell scanners designed to ramp up productivity with increased efficiency. We have both new and Certified-Refurbished Honeywell handheld scanners in our inventory that are built to meet your exact needs.

Hand-held barcode scanners and mobile computers bring mobility and accuracy to industries ranging from retail and grocery to wholesale and transportation. They save time and money by making you better equipped to keep tabs on your inventory. As part of an integrated system, Honeywell handheld barcode scanners and related technology also have the power to revolutionize the way you do business.

DBK Concepts for Honeywell Mobile Computers and Scanners

Honeywell mobile computers provide greater accuracy and durability from the sales floor to the warehouse to the field. The complete line features a selection of retail-ready high intensity scanners and rugged rubberized warehouse scanners built to tackle your toughest applications.

Featured Honeywell mobile and handheld computers in our inventory include:

Dolphin 70e Black

An enterprise hybrid device, the Dolphin 70e Black is capable of helping your key personnel meet the unpredictable challenges of the mobile business landscape. Don’t let the attractive design and small size fool you. This rugged handheld scan phone is built to last with reinforced damage-resistant glass and a rugged housing that can withstand a four-foot drop to concrete. Other prominent features include a clear touch screen display and fast and reliable wireless connectivity. You’ll be able to access your applications and business data in real-time on demand.

Built for versatility in the field, the CN51 handheld provides exceptional scanning, fast processing and long-lasting battery power. The computer/scanner supports both Windows and Android operating systems, and features a brilliant four-inch multi-touch display. The durable body stands up to drops and is sealed tight to protect against the elements. Other features include omnidirectional 1D and 2D barcode scanning, a 1.5GHz dual core processor and advanced network capabilities.


An ultra-rugged handheld device, the CN70e brings powerful computing in field mobility applications. It offers extended battery life, a stunning touch-screen display/large keypad design and superior barcode imaging. The backlit QWERTY keypad comes in multiple configurations based on your requirements. Additional attributes include an advanced data management system, 12-channel integrated global positioning system, and EA30 high performance motion-tolerant 2d imager scanner option.

Browse these Honeywell products, as well as many more, at DBK. Contact us today to get started.