Intava: Proven Digital Signage Software, Content and Services

At Intava we are committed to the idea of digital retailing— the idea that new technologies can, and should, be used to improve consumer experiences in the traditional brick-and-mortar world. We provide digital signage technologies that do just that, while fulfilling specific business needs for our customers.

We make a variety of consumer and associate-facing solutions for a variety of industries– software, graphic interfaces, and content. We create, implement and can manage everything end-to-end. We source the best hardware for you from the world’s best suppliers. And we offer professional services to implement, monitor, maintain and improve your system

Intava Presto™

Interactive digital signage that shows what you sell.

Intava Presto digital signage-kiosks

Intava Presto is a presentation center, product catalog, and digital sign delivered in a sleek, touch screen experience suitable for almost any consumer venue. Presto helps you communicate with customers and expose then to the products you offer. Whether your business is hospitality, automobiles, home furnishings, apartment rentals, casual dining or anything in between, an Intava Presto interactive digital sign gives you a high-impact tool to market and sell your products.

Seeing is believing.

Presto puts your entire assortment of products at customers’ fingertips. With a simple swipe, shoppers are led through virtual shelves of merchandise in stunning high definition1, inspiring them to buy. An Intava Presto digital sign can show online assortments, promote particular products, and even sell bulky and intangible items. This “endless aisle” means you can market a high number of your offerings in a compact space, and buyers self-educate while waiting to be helped.A perfect fit. Presto fits itself to the products you sell. From hotels to hamburgers, Presto entices and informs.

Intava Sphira™

The way to control your network of screens.

Intava Sphira digitaln signage kiosk

Intava Sphira is a control center for your consumer-facing digital devices and content. It is more than digital signage software. Interactive touch screens, digital signs, and even tablets can be monitored and administered using Sphira’s web-based controls. Content such as product data or video playlists can be updated and scheduled. Sphira takes everything we’ve learned from a decade of providing interactive digital signage solutions to national retail enterprises, and delivers it to you in an integrated platform that will have you up and running in no time.

We do the heavy lifting. You save money.

Intava Sphira is delivered using the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach, meaning you access the software from any standard web browser, and there is no server infrastructure for you to install or maintain. We do that for you. Also, instead of paying up-front, as is the case with typical digital signage software, the cost is spread over several years through a competitive recurring fee. And did we mention your time-to-market is also reduced? It is, plus you get software updates at no additional charge, so you’re always current.

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