Opticon Barcode Scanners and Mobile Computers

DBK is proud to carry a variety of Opticon barcode scanner models; choose the one right for your business.

Opticon is a trusted brand for various industries that need remote solutions. Opticon does not require a heavy investment but provides extra enabling technology—their barcode scanners are innovative, trustworthy and a great value for your money!

Opticon barcode scanners are known for their toughness and affordability. These barcode scanners include wide optical windows, aggressive scan engines and operate at several hundred scans per second, which keeps your business working efficiently.

Our Opticon Handheld computers have scanners that are fully integrated and utilize user-friendly interfaces. The mobile computers DBK provides are held to the highest standards in the industry; Opticon meets DBK standards and will surely meet your business needs! There is no better way to collect data and continue to run your operation smoothly than with handheld barcode scanners that will revolutionize your employees’ ability to take inventory in the most effective way.

Opticon Barcode Scanner Repair from DBK

Opticon barcode scanners have been used in a variety of applications such as retail, warehousing, inventory control and other industries. At DBK, we realize that no matter what industry you are a part of, functioning equipment is crucial to continuing productivity and saving money. To decrease down time, we offer extensive depot repair services from  our DBK-Certified technicians to get you back up and running in no time!

Our repair center is available to handle your Opticon equipment and ensure your business is running smoothly