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To see the tablets and notebooks offered by DBK, please select a manufacturer below.

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DBK Concepts offers a wide range of tablets and notebooks from today’s leading manufacturers. We support the top brands and operating systems that your team needs, whether you’re deploying engineers to the field or have a fleet of creatives building the next great app for your industry.

We’re an authorized reseller and distributor for the brands you see below,  and can provide all of the peripherals your team needs to get the job done. Ask about our special units that provide specific support for barcode scanners, RFID equipment and much more.

Where Tablets Have a Role in Your Business

  • Quick Transactions — A business tablet is designed to manage quick, common transactions thanks to robust connectivity. This allows teams in the field to manage operations, update reports or conduct sales at your customers’ locations. A tablet is portable and familiar, so you’re not spending a lot on equipment to tote it around, or to have your team learn the ropes.
  • Leadership — A standard tablet (not the models we offer, which are optimized for tasks such as intake or logistics management) is primarily designed for the consumption of media. This is why many executives have turned to tablets as their primary method of use: They consume reports but do not generate them. Tablets support email for feedback but don’t bog down leadership with heavy machines that aren’t necessary. Give your executives what they want in a stylish form factor that puts them in line with their peers.
  • Security — Tablets and notebook options from brands like Samsung, for which DBK Concepts is an authorized reseller, provide a greater level of security compared to smartphones and desktops. This comes from fewer connections, ports, sensors and other inputs, as well as new OS capabilities to lock down the equipment. You’re able to protect this equipment in the field in a way that a standard desktop wouldn’t need, but typically at a price far lower than that same desktop.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Tablets and notebooks provide your team with multiple opportunities to increase their productivity. They can go where the sales or the work takes them, and don’t need to return to a specific location to enter information. You become a more flexible team and reduce the likelihood of human error due to late transcriptions, forgetfulness or a lack of access to your network.

A tablet can carry all of the data your team needs and stay portable, removing limitations on where you can conduct business. This means that you’re better able to run your operations, can make sales in more locations, always have your data on hand and are often paying a reduced price by only focusing on the functionality you need.

DBK Is Your Leader in New and Certified-Refurbished Tablets and Notebooks

Never settle for less. DBK Concepts has built up its reputation by offering the best equipment, tested and certified refurbished models, leading support and specialty options to match logistics, retail, medical, shipping and many other industries’ needs.

Join us as a strategic partner and see the benefits that DBK Concepts can bring. Contact us today for a complete list of our offerings and to get help meeting your tablet and notebook needs.


“I really want to extend my appreciation for everyone’s hard work to ensure that this non-negotiable timeline was met! Great work by all involved!”

Winn Dixie

“As always, it's been my pleasure to be a part of such consistent and thorough teamwork with you and your company, DBK. You're the best!”

The Children's Place

“...such quality service you are providing - you guys ROCK! I just knew we'd be happy with the decision.”


“Once again, DBK has out-performed my expectations!!”

National Distributing Company

“Each year we survey our (62) NAPA Distribution Centers regarding performance level of vendors. We are very pleased with the results. Thanks for the high level of performance.”

NAPA / Genuine Parts Company

"I've mentioned it before & I'll say it again: DBK is my favorite IT vendor."


"Things are going very well. I have not received a single complaint to date! From my perspective, I've found DBK to be a very adaptable partner to serve our needs. The fact that I spend very little time managing this is a testament to how well they are performing. Although I don't have DOA and shipping compliance % figures yet for November, I do expect them to be well within contractual guidelines. Thanks!"

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

"Thank you for making my job much easier in 2010 - and for solving some problems I didn't even know we had."

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

"We depend on accurate real-time information to properly handle the support issues facing our stores. DBK ServTrackTM helps me ensure that our critical store ordering equipment is redeployed promptly via our depot process. I am able to check on the delivery status of a depot order without needing to involve any additional people. This has eliminated the phone calls that were once placed to track these same shipments.”

Food Lion

“You are the best vendor we have in this department...and we have some very good ones. In the event, that you ever need customer help to secure or build business, please feel free to call on me to be a cheerleader.”

National Distributing Company

“Thanks to DBK’s ServTrackTM, the record keeping and tracking information of our assets is now all maintained in real time through the Internet. DBK’s ServTrackTM also allows us to get real time information on repair history, rollouts, online inventory, and current status and location of all our bar code equipment. Before we converted to ServTrackTM, this was done manually—the time savings and accuracy of this system is invaluable to us.”

Sherwin Williams Consumer Group