How Barcode Technology Improves Education

With student and inventory management becoming more important than ever in schools, barcodes can simplify the process. Barcode technology can help your school manage ever-changing budgets and staffing by improving your efficiency. When you learn about the critical role of barcode technology in education, you’ll realize how you can save both time and money. Learn how schools can use barcode technology to improve students’ and staff members’ lives.

The Benefits of Barcode Technology in Schools

Barcodes have a unique role to play in improving schools. The ways that barcode technology impacts the education industry include:

  • Saving time: Teachers and other staff members often work overtime to give their students the best experience possible. Barcodes and scanners can reduce the time needed to complete daily tasks so they can do their jobs faster.
  • Improving security: Barcodes can help school staff track students and equipment to know their location inside or outside the campus. They can also assist in tracking visitors and volunteers to keep students safe.
  • Saving money: By adding barcodes to equipment and supplies, school staff members can manage their inventory numbers. These accurate records help staff reorder items only when needed.

Scanners and barcodes can impact many aspects of the school day. Discover how they improve different parts of the school experience below.

Recording Student Attendance

A school can link student ID cards or attendance lists to a barcode reader to help teachers track student attendance. They can record each student with a single scan instead of entering the information by hand.

Managing Visitors and Volunteers

Tracking a school’s visitors can make it easier for staff members to keep students safe. By requiring each volunteer or visitor to wear a barcode ID, they can record when they enter and exit the building.

Tracking Equipment and Assets

Modern learning involves plenty of supplies and equipment such as books and computers. School staff can keep track of these assets by using barcodes to record their last location.

Speeding Up the Lunch Line

Linking a barcode card to a student’s lunch money account makes paying for lunch faster. The cashiers can ring up items, check a student’s balance or take a lunch payment with a few scans.

Keeping School Libraries Organized

School librarians need to track the status of books to create a productive learning environment. With a barcode scanning system, they can check books in and out faster and more accurately.

Protecting Student Technology

Today, many schools assign students their own netbooks, tablets or laptops. With children and teenagers handling expensive equipment, it becomes critical to manage their locations and condition. Linking a barcode to each device helps schools take care of their technology so it lasts for years.

Learn More About the Effects of Barcode Scanners in Education

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