Frequently Asked Questions

What service plans do you offer?

Full Service Maintenance – At one low price, the “Monthly Maintenance” service contract covers 100% parts and labor including return, airfreight, and customized shipping containers with a 3-5 day turn around time.

Depot Express Service – Maintaining a stock of your equipment allows DBK to guarantee the return of your equipment in 24 hours or less when you use the “DBK Depot Express” service contract.

Flat Rate Service (with ceilings) – The “Flat Rate” repair service includes 100% parts and labor for a pre-set rate with a 3-5 day turn around time.

Time and Materials – Paying for the time and parts needed is often the best option for those who have low volume and fast/easy to repair problems. Our “Time and Materials” service contract is based on $75/hr with no minimum charge plus the cost of parts and shipping.

What do you guys do?

DBK is a Value Added Reseller for mobile, data collection manufacturers. Our Value Adds are maintenance and repair services, logistics and staging services, wireless LAN implementations, software solutions (both pre-packaged and custom), ServTrack (our customer accessible, online equipment tracking system), RFID implementations, and Biometrics implementations. We can integrate any or all of these services into one comprehensive solution for any data collection application.

What differentiates you from your competitors?

Logistics and Staging
Customizable service plans and reporting
Custom foam containers
Our internal operations
We’re located in the US and all repairs are completed in the US
In-house software development team
National Equipment Roll-outs and Retrieval
Real-time customer reporting

Can I get warranty repair on my hardware from DBK?

This depends on the unit and manufacturer. DBK is an authorized warranty repair center for several manufacturers.

DBK offers extended warranties beyond the manufacturers’ warranty

What manufacturers' equipment do you resell?

Please see our Partners page for more information.

What types of equipment do you sell?

Bar Code Scanners, Mobile Computers, Laptop Computers, Pen Tablets, Mag-stripe Readers, POS Solutions, Printers, RFID (readers, writers and tags), Wireless Network Infrastructure

How do I send in units for repair?

The best way is to call or e-mail DBK so that a sales representative can be assigned to your account. This person will walk you through your account set up and what you should do to send in your units.

How long will it take for my unit to be repaired?

This depends on the service contract you choose. Depot Express can be turned around in just 24 hours. Typically the turn around time from when DBK receives a broken unit to when you receive the repaired one is 3-5 days.

Where is my unit repaired?

Miami, Florida in a 20,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility