Benefits of Using a Mobile Handheld Computer in a Warehouse Environment

These days, most of us are accustomed to holding considerable computing power in the palm of our hand. While smartphones and tablets are now ubiquitous in our daily lives, many warehouses and third-party fulfillment centers have been slow to integrate similar technology into the work environment.

There are many advantages to using handheld computers in a warehouse operation. Early adopters of this technology are enjoying improved productivity, accuracy, and transparency in all aspects of their business. On this page, we’ll look at some of the main pros of mobile technology and how it can benefit you.

Key Benefits of Mobile Handheld Computers

Mobile devices have the potential to offer several benefits to warehouses and logistics operations. These include:

  • Improved productivity: The main advantage of a handheld computer is that it makes information accessible on the go. In a warehouse, this means order pickers can get up-to-minute information at any time. Team members no longer have to check or enter data into a standalone computer, which means they can move on to the next task without delay.
  • Improved accuracy: When warehouse workers have access to handheld computers that connect to your operation’s ERP software, it ensures all data is accurate and that there is no duplication of effort when picking an order. With a handheld computer, there’s no paperwork to fill out and less possibility of human error leading to incorrectly picked or packed orders.
  • Improved transparency: Ultimately, a handheld computer is a tool for accurate on-the-spot data collection. With better data, you can monitor products and materials as they move through the supply chain, anticipating bottlenecks and other issues before they affect your bottom line.

There are many compelling reasons why warehouses should use handheld computers. When effectively deployed, they will help your business refine its operations, streamline its workflow and meet the challenges of growth without compromising quality control.

Basics of Mobile Device Selection and Management

Mobile devices are a key business asset — managing them requires specific rules and policies that must be followed by all employees. The nature of your business — including the number of employees using mobile devices, and the tasks they use them for — will determine the specifics of your mobile device management plan. A good plan should ensure devices are regularly updated and that employees receive training on their proper operation. It should build a culture of responsibility that empowers users to see devices as productivity-enhancing tools. It should also include end-of-life provisions for old devices that actively work to eliminate e-waste.

Choosing the right device for the task is one of the most important components of mobile device management. Without appropriate equipment, it is impossible to enjoy the full benefits mobile handheld computers can offer your warehouse or logistics center. That’s where DBK Concepts comes in. We have a large inventory of new and refurbished handheld computers suitable for warehouse use. Our team would be happy to go over your needs and recommend the right machine for your operation and your budget. Call or email to get started today.