How Tablets Can Improve Your Business

Tablet PCs are useful tools for businesses in almost any industry. If your staff relies on conventional desktop computers to manage people or products, there’s a good chance a tablet can help them do some or all of their work more efficiently.

Why Tablets?

There are many compelling reasons why tablets are replacing computers in many businesses. Tablets are:

  • Portable: The main benefit of tablets for businesses is their portability. They are compact and lightweight, and they slip into a briefcase with much more ease than a bulky laptop. A new generation of ruggedized and waterproof tablets has further expanded their usefulness for outdoor and industrial applications.
  • Cloud-connected: Tablets are powerful tools for sharing data and collaborating via the cloud. This means everyone — even staff working remotely — have access to the up-to-date information they need to work. It also eliminates the risk of file duplication, as well as the safety risks of using USB keys to share data.
  • Economical: There are many applications in which a full computer or laptop isn’t necessary. Tablets are an economical alternative that saves you money while giving your staff the tools and software they need to work effectively.
  • User-friendly: Though every employee’s level of fluency with technology is different, in general, tablets are easier to use than desktop PCs. Their touch interfaces make them more intuitive, which reduces the length of time required to onboard new staff, keeping your productivity up during times of change.
  • Paperless: Another often overlooked benefit to tablets is their green credentials. Using a tablet to take notes, process orders or perform other tasks means less paper waste on a day-to-day basis.

Potential Applications

Tablets are versatile tools with many potential business applications. Your organization may use tablets for:

  • Note-taking and communications: Tablets are ideal for note-taking, video conferencing and instant messaging. They are easy to transport and set up in a meeting room. Any notes you store can be saved in the cloud for sharing or access later. Many contain built-in voice recorders that do the work of a dictaphone, too.
  • Cash register: An increasing number of businesses are swapping out their credit and debit card readers for a tablet-based system. Many companies offer tap and swipe payment collection systems that are easy to use and generate sales reports you can download and import into your accounting software.
  • Social media: Use a tablet to create and upload photos, videos and other shareable content to your organization’s social media channels. Tablets are also interactive tools for growing your mailing list, collecting customer data and feedback, and more.
  • Enterprise apps: There’s a good chance your organization’s specialized enterprise software offers convenient tablet functionality as well. Warehouses use tablet-based software to pick and process orders. Healthcare companies use tablets to manage patient records securely. Retailers use apps to view and control inventory. Check with your software manufacturer to see what options are available to you.

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